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Potty training regressions - how to deal with them?

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dodi1978 Tue 03-Nov-15 22:03:35


DS, 2.3, seemed to really do well with potty training a few weeks ago. Even tugged a nursery worker on the arm for a few days running to ask to go to the potty, and then duly delivered. Started having some wees on the potty at home today, but only after I put him on it.
Now though he seems uninterested. Still goes on the potty if I coerce him onto it, and doesn't mind sitting there for a while, but nothing seems to go in any more (even in instances when he has drunk a lot and when the nappy I have just removed has been completely dry). Wants to wear big boy pants (especially those with Thomas on), but doesn't indicate when he needs to go. So back in nappies generally, with big boy pants on top.

How do you deal with such regressions? Hoping they are just a phase?

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