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Going cold turkey today- and I'm the one crapping myself!!

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123Jump Tue 03-Nov-15 09:11:10

DS is 3.3yo. He doesn't like the potty and won't sit on it. He really doesn't like the toilet and won't sit on it. He doesn't want to be a big boy and wear pants. He isn't interested in getting a chocolate button when he uses the potty/toilet.
We have had numerous starts that have led...nowhere. He was supposed to start play school in Sept, they want him out of nappies.
I am pretty sure he knows when he is doing a wee now. So today, I have taken off his nappy, and I'm not putting one on until bedtime.
Decision made.
Anyone else 'going for it'?

FishenNuggets Tue 03-Nov-15 09:15:05

We did it back in January with DS in January. He was 3.5y. I don't think it would have happened any other way although it hasn't been easy.

Good luck!

123Jump Tue 03-Nov-15 10:47:07

So far he has done a wee on a chair-didnt notice.
Done a wee on the sofa-didnt notice.
Done a wee on the floor twice-but did notice the second time. I'm putting this down as improvement (clutches at straws).
He hasn't sat on the potty yet, we are thinking about it....
However, he loves the little dinosaur stickers I am giving him for his chart.

FishenNuggets Tue 03-Nov-15 11:44:24

DS hated the stickers. We spent a fortune in those first few months on sweets, magazines and bowling! He was never that fussed about having an accident either. That's starting to come now.

Just keep putting him on the loo and bribe to the max!

123Jump Tue 03-Nov-15 12:24:22

Well, he has continued to wee over the sofa and floor repeatedly. But, he has just sat on the potty! nothing happened and he did a wee on the sofa 3 mins later, but we managed to get the last bit in the potty and he ws very pleased with himself.
He loves the sticker chart!
Small steps. Heading out in a bit of hops app. for myself, flood city!!

123Jump Tue 03-Nov-15 16:33:51

That seems to have become the theme of the day. I try to coax him on the potty, he refuses. Then does a massive wee on the floor/sofa/car 3 mins later.

FishenNuggets Tue 03-Nov-15 19:59:42

I don't think we hit the toilet for the first few days. There were a lot of accidents! Can you read him a book to help him stay put? Or DS started getting more interested when he was allowed to stand up at the toilet... Or if he went to the toilet with another kid...

Memyselfandthatotherperson Tue 03-Nov-15 20:02:23

We're making headway with pirate pete's potty training book, if he's in to pirates.
Hopefully you have laminate. grin

123Jump Tue 03-Nov-15 20:42:50

He has big brothers and has watched them and me go hundreds of times.
I can't get him on the potty or standing at the loo 99% of the time, he just refuses.
He does like Pirates, I'll google.
He has peed at least 20 times today and not one has gone in the potty.
Tomorrow is another day....

FishenNuggets Tue 03-Nov-15 21:12:50

We used that book. DS started off liking it and then refused to let us read it. I wonder if there are any good little films on youtube. The Mr Poo goes to Pooland helped quite a bit when he started trying to hold back. He's still not great about poos...

You'll get there. I do think potty training was one of the worst parenting stages to have gone through. DS just wasn't bothered.

123Jump Wed 04-Nov-15 10:53:45

Thanks for the tip, have ordered the book.
Started out this am going over it all again, how well he was doing etc...and he wasn't having any of it. Refused to sit on potty. Didn't like the inco. sheets going on the sofa.
Anyway, time came to try potty again, our dolly had a go, so did a few Paw Patrol figures. He refused.
Then 2 mins later he said "Mummy, I think one is coming", and he let me pop him on the potty and did a wee on it!!!!
Woo hoo. So happy. Lots of cheering and hugging.
He has sat on it once more, thought he needed a poo, but then decided not-suspect that will be reappearing later, but still, really pleased with progress.

123Jump Wed 04-Nov-15 18:45:37

in case anyone is interested he has been brilliant today! I am completely amazed as thought I was in for a nightmare today. He continued to tell me when "it's coming mummy", and I popped him on the potty. Did all his wee this way. We had to go out at 1.45pm for an hour but it turned in to over 2 hours, so there were two wet pairs of trousers, but fair enough.
Used the potty again once we got home and again before dinner. No poops yet though...
Fingers crossed we are on our way.

FishenNuggets Thu 05-Nov-15 07:34:31

Yay! Well done!

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