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Is ds not ready?

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HarrysMummy17 Wed 28-Oct-15 10:28:16

My ds is 2.8yr. I've been asked a few times by friends, HV, district nurse how potty training is going.

It's not going full stop. When ds gas a bath I ask him if he needs a peepee and point to the potty, he says no. Gets in the bath and does a wee.

I've tried sitting him on the potty. He seems to find it difficult to sit on it so he refuses.

I've tried to get him to sit on the toilet, he looks at me as if I'm crazy and refuses.

Is he just not ready or am I doing it wrong.

starpatch Wed 28-Oct-15 11:27:33

Sounds like your instinct is he is not ready. My DS just potty trained now at 3 years 6 months, so glad I waited it all happened quite quickly once he was ready at 3 years 4 months. I would say stick to your gut instinct.

Out2pasture Thu 29-Oct-15 04:49:19

the peeing in the tub is probably just a natural reflex and not something he is doing or possibly even aware of. just in case he is beginning to associate the two (peepee and emptying his bladder); stand him up in the tub facing the drain, run the water and ask him to pee down the drain. praise him profusely if he pee's in the tub. lots of boys learn to pee on things before they pee in the potty (peeing on leaves outside etc.)

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