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Is 18mo to early to start potty training?

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GiantChocButtons06 Tue 27-Oct-15 22:45:27

I'm Expecting New Year's Eve and would love to have dd out of nappys during the daytime by then, but is it too early? Most people I know seem to be doing it around 2/3yrs old hmm my mum and nan have been nagging me to start since she turned 1! anyway i bought a potty a few days ago and have been sitting her on it every now and then when at home, but don't want to do it too much to begin with as I dont want to put her off. I tend to put her on when I go to the loo, before/after bath time, whilst she's brushing her teeth. Shes done one wee on it so far, but when I noticed she was going to do a poo I put her on and she didn't like it and started crying sad she understands when she's going and will tell me when shes done a poo in her nappy but not a wee.

Wolfiefan Tue 27-Oct-15 22:47:51

If she doesn't know she needs to go them I would say it is too early. DS I was in hurry to get dry and it was soooo stressful. DD I waited until she was well and truly ready and it was a doddle!

sarahbanshee Tue 27-Oct-15 22:48:08

I think it's probably too early for her from the sound of it - some children are ready but she doesn't sound ready. Also frankly you may find it easier to have her in nappies when you also have a newborn rather than having to drop everything and rush to a loo every five minutes which is what it's like with a newly toilet trained toddler! I'd leave it a while and don't put pressure on her or on yourself.

lanbro Tue 27-Oct-15 23:04:21

Dd2 started at 18 months, I didn't push it just let her do what she wanted but she was fully trained before she was 2. Years ago it was the done thing to get them trained early, presumably to save on washing nappies, so definitely possible.

Advice would be continue offering potty but don't make it a big issue. FWIW dd1 trained pretty quickly after being aware that dd2 was a baby in nappies and she was a big girl so might happen pretty naturally after baby is born.

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