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Smell of wee

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Jenjen85 Mon 26-Oct-15 17:49:46

I'm in the process of toilet training my 2 year old DD and we're in the 2nd week. So far she's doing really good only with a few accidents. One huge wee on the sofa and one on the floor other than that it's been in the potty. How the hell do I get the smell of wee out the fabric sofa tho confused I tried to soak it all up when she first did it then cleaned it with multi purpose cleaner. It wasn't until I turned the cushion over yesterday that I got an awful smell of wee so Iv Fabreeze it but it still stinks. My husband says he can't smell it but it's awful. HELP any ideas welcome

ColdTeaAgain Tue 03-Nov-15 17:11:35

I have the same problem OP. A Google search told me to dampen the area and cover in bicarb of soda, then hoover it off when dry. Have only just done it so am currently leaving it to dry overnight so can't say how successful it is yet but it does seem to have absorbed the smell from what I can tell so far.

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