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dd getting dry at night

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slightlyconfused85 Mon 19-Oct-15 17:00:12

DD has been dry in the day for 6 months. She's nearly three now and has still been very wet in the mornings. Last two nights she has woken up at 10pm then 11 pm,asked for a wee then been dry in the morning. Should I wake her at 10 for a wee now, or just leave her to wake herself and eventually will she go from her bedtime till the morning?

Piratejones Mon 19-Oct-15 19:15:40

You can do both, you can let her wake herself to go, or you can wake her.

teacher1984 Mon 19-Oct-15 19:24:48

We are in the same boat so following with interest smile

CatWithKittens Tue 20-Oct-15 10:10:11

Since she's doing it herself I would leave her to progress naturally - it sounds as though she's getting there all by herself. We have been advised against waking and lifting as, unless you really wake a child up thoroughly, it only encourages half asleep wetting and does nothing more than keep the bed dry. Whilst that may be desirable smile, it doe snot bring long term dryness any nearer and may be detrimental - or so we were told by a paediatrician.

blushingmare Mon 16-Nov-15 20:38:19

Sorry to jump on your thread op, but CatWithKittens - when you say "let her progress naturally" - at what point would you remove the nappy?

I'm in a similar position to the op, but my DD was dry at night for 2 weeks with a nappy on, so I've removed her nappy, but she's wetting the bed.

Not sure what to do for the best as I'd like her to "get there naturally", but not sure how to do that now!

Katarzyna79 Mon 16-Nov-15 20:46:25

blushing and OP I did this with my 5 year old. yes 5 she was being lazy I think . so I threw the pull ups away. 2 weeks, first week had few accidents, 2nd week got better third week all dry.

I started with 3 yr old 2 days ago shes finding it easier, no wet beds, she wees less but drinks loads, weird ??? I get her up put her on toilet around 10 pm sometimes its late coz I dose off waiting for 10pm lol. Next week I'll go without waking her see how she does. If shes dry I wont wake her up anymore. If wet I will continue to wake her, or reduce times up until she can have liquids.

Try it that way see how it goes. Your child may go toilet themselves, my 3 year old is a heavy sleeper so she doesn't/. 5 year old got up went herself I just left toilet light on and a lamp on in corner of bedroom. I also left spare pants and trousers at the bottom of her bed and told her not to wake me unless she was having trouble changing or bed or floor was wet.

I need to get this dome asap I cant be changing 3 year olds pull ups in morning, ill have another bundle next year I was looking forward to a rest sad

CatWithKittens Wed 18-Nov-15 10:34:19

blushingmare, to be honest that is outside my experience. I have found once we have had a run of dry nappies and then tried without them, wet beds have been very rare and easily linked to tiredness, an upset of some sort or, in one of our children's cases, to obvious daytime regression after a new baby. All ours have been "late" to be dry at night - anything up to nearly 7 and we have been advised that it was probably late hormonal changes which were responsible. I think in your shoes I'd go back to nappies for a bit as from your profile I guess your DD is not yet 4, especially if she is worried about waking wet and possibly cold or her (and your) sleep is disturbed by it. Again I do not know whether the advice on lifting would be different once a child has shown the ability to get through the night dry. Sorry not to be any real help but good luck with it all. I can only say having seen four children through this it will come right in the end - at least that's what I tell myself about our DC5 who will be 4 in January but has never, ever, had a dry night and will still be wet if he goes to sleep in the car on a relatively short journey.

blushingmare Sat 21-Nov-15 19:45:22

Thanks Cat. I think you're right. We're back in night nappies, which is fine. We're pretty relaxed about it and there's no need for her be out of them, it's just I thought she was doing it herself so gave it a go. It's weird because she had at least 2 weeks of consistently dry nappies, then three nights of no nappies and wetting the bed and now they're back on again and she's got a full nappy again every night!

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