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Should I send him to nursery nappy-free?

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BocaDeTrucha Sun 18-Oct-15 15:11:55

Ds has just turned two and we've been leaving pottys around the house for a couple of months for him to get familiar with. As it's been summer and we love in a hot country he's been running around the house a lot with no nappy on and he's getting quite good at saying peepee and we take him to the Potty and he goes there. Big cheers, high fives etc. This weekend we've been at home all weekend and he's been nappy free all day except for his nap and he's been fantastic at going on the Potty and in the big toilet (with adapter seat). I don't want to lose the momentum so should I send him to nursery tomorrow with no nappy (and lots of clean pairs of shorts!!!)? ITs a very small nursery with only 9 children so easy for them to help him with it.

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