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Help newly potty trained gets naked every time goes to toilet

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Heleng1982 Mon 31-Aug-15 21:25:10

I started potty training my 3 ds last Wednesday and he's done amazing we have had one accident and that was only because he had been asleep in the car and didn't get there in time. Anyway my problem is when he goes he has to remove all his clothes how can I get him to keep everything on. By the time he's dressed himself it's time for him to go again lol
I need advice and ideas how I can stop him getting naked hmm

folieadeux Thu 03-Sep-15 12:44:31

Ha bless him! I've just started with my 2.9 YO and he likes to get naked too. We haven't actually left the house yet so I'm just letting him run around with little or no clothes on if he wants. He's starting to get over it slowly. Maybe you could suggest he can be naked on the potty at home and wait for the novelty to wear off??

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