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How the hell do I leave the house

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Andcake Sat 29-Aug-15 15:08:31

Over thinking thus I know...
So ds 3 seems to be potty trained in the house - will ask for potty wee or poo v few accidents. But he will only go on potty not hovering over toilet or on his special toilet seat.
So far I've been using nappy still out of the house - nursery put him in pull ups and he has sat on potty but not been there. Since about 8 months it rare for him to poo outside a house - happens once every few months.
Today I tried pull ups for a trip out but he just weed in them and told me as he was doing it.
We often go to the park etc but I feel house bound!
I considered buying a pottette thing (I saw one in a shop nearby which is open today but closed then til Tuesday) but they seem big and he walks or goes on his scooter most places - we live in London so no car as pointless. Will I just have to buy one and lug it everywhere and never be able to do a decent shop with ds with me. I also worry about carrying it and keeping a good grasp of ds hand at roads.
Ridiculous I know - or should we just head out and when he tells me he needs a wee just plonk him behind tree or hold him over the loo and hope he will go as he has no choice!

BlinkAndMiss Sat 29-Aug-15 20:48:03

I worried about this too but the most important thing to keep in mind is that this is temporary and it won't last forever. I'd definitely do what you suggest yourself in the last 2 lines of your post, except I'd take the potty along with me just incase he gets really freaked out, just don't tell him you have it the first time so you can get an accurate idea of how he really handles the situation.

Going back over and using nappies and pull ups can add an extra delay with full training so I'd stop this completely, always have him in pants and just deal with the accidents. It's not nice obviously but he will soon get the idea that he must use the potty or toilet every time and that it's not an optional thing. My DS did exactly the same in pull ups because he knew that wetting himself was no big deal in them, it's not uncomfortable and no one gets stressed out dealing with the mess. What happened with us was that DS then stopped telling me he needed to go and we went completely back over.

Use pants every time and eventually he'll get the idea, I got a portable potty from Amazon which is quite flat. Have a look on there to see if there is something more suitable, there is nothing worse than feeling housebound. Once I decided to just try it I was pleased I did, it gave DS the opportunity to hold for longer and it really worked. We've had a few accidents but more often than not he asks for the potty and we either get him to a public toilet, on the portable potty or behind a bush. I try to get him to a proper toilet in the first instance just to get him used to it but it's not always possible.

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