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2 year old and potty training help

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lyssie29 Sun 09-Aug-15 20:53:33

hi my dd is almost 2 and a half. We introduced the potty to her at around one thinking if she gets used to seeing it she'll start using it. She did use it once and we had a big celebration where she got treats and stickers but then refused to use it again. I got her a seat for the toilet and last week,months after using the potty for that one time, went to the toilet once. Again we did a big celebration with stickers and she was so happy with herself she kept telling everyone. Then nothing. Any tips on how to keep her going? I ask her if she needs the toilet and she always says no until she's really desperate then she cries for a nappy.

JRWREN2110 Wed 26-Aug-15 18:30:45

Maybe put it into your routine-at certain times you go and sit on the toilet-get a book, maybe play 'I-spy' or something. The times you take her to loo, I usually find before meals/snacks is a good time, as then food is her reward for sitting there (as-well as praise and a sticker). Don't do too big a celebration-just a sticker chart and a well done, tell people when they see you and they can congratulate too.

Also have you taken her shopping-specially for her toilet supplies, she can choose her pants, toilet roll and a toilet book-special stickers etc make it really special and personal??

You could also get rid of the seat-some independent children just do better with sitting straight on the loo.

Good Luck.

Dollienbabies Thu 27-Aug-15 01:38:00

My son was two Feb so he is 30+months old, when we are at home with no nappy on he freely goes on the potty or toilet, when he does a poo he cones out the loo and says 'mommy wipe my bum ' this is very good bit of my son wears a nappy/pull up on the house he will hide for a poo I say you big boy go toilet bit no he mist do it in nappy, I am so proud when he wearing nothing but boxer's he goes but wen wearing a pull up he won't? He has used potty since about one, at first few accidents bit I had a rug that I have now got rid of as no more accidents. My son goes to preschool bit will not ask supervisor (nursery nurse) for the loo, I do not want to rush him to be clean n nappy free ( I don't mind buying pampers as they ate the best iv found) but how do I get him to use toilet all time?

JRWREN2110 Thu 27-Aug-15 11:15:09

I reckon get rid of the pull-ups/nappies completely...just accept accidents. I was a nursery nurse and managed a nursery, so I remember potty-training well. If you discuss with his key-worker and with room-leader that he needs to be reminded to go and sit on the loo periodically-take some stickers in for when he does ask etc.... When out and about just take a bag with spares in, if he has an accident, take him to a toilet, do the toilet routine of put him on the loo, in the process change him and then wash hands etc....just gives a bit of routine to it. Keep reminding about telling an adult when he needs to go etc. Some children need to be taken from nappies and just learn the messy way. Just my opinion, plenty more out there...POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT always works, but just take away the nappies completely and be prepared for the fall-out. Your son sounds as if he is perfectly capable since he is already potty trained really.

Good Luck.

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