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Toddler poop problems.. yep one of those threads!

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Moojay Sat 08-Aug-15 10:34:27

Two year old dd is potty trained, she did amazingly well and we managed to get her dry day and night in the space of about 4 days a few weeks ago. She really enjoys using the potty and although I still pop pull ups on her at night just incase she tends to call out for a wee in the early hours and go on the potty then back to bed and the pull up remains dry.
The issue is that yesterday she did a wee in the morning, and then nothing until about 1pm and then again nothing until daddy came home around 7pm. She played up something rotten at bedtime, wouldn't settle, and when she finally did go to sleep around 11pm ( she's normally an 8pm - 9am sleeper) she was moaning on her sleep, then got up at 5am and up and down until around 9 when I got her up properly and she asked for a wee. When I got her on the potty she had a dark black clump of poo hanging out her bottom that took a long time for her to pass on the potty with lots of back rubbing and cuddles. When we wiped she said that it hurt. So I lay her down and had a look and it looks like she's got some poo stuck up there?
Have tried bicycling her legs, she eats a good diet although didn't drink much yesterday which again, isn't like her at all.
She's currently in a warm bath bit it doesn't seem to be getting anything moving.
Any suggestions on what could be going on?

Lonelylass1218 Sat 08-Aug-15 10:39:45

Has she got all teeth? My friends child was potty trained for about 7 weeks age 2 then wet the bed a few nights got a terrible rash and constipated. It was back molars coming through

Moojay Sat 08-Aug-15 10:56:39

Hi Lonely,
Yes she has all her teeth. The only wees she did yesterday were in the potty, no accidents, just not a lot of wee or poos at all, and the poo this morning was rock solid and sort of stuck for a while until she managed to get it out. Still looks like there is some stuck in there too.

seaoflove Sat 08-Aug-15 10:57:21

She sounds very badly constipated.

Forget any oral remedies or medicines: when there's a lot of hard poo stuck right inside the exit, the best and most effective thing is a glycerine suppository. I'm not sure whether you can buy them OTC for children, and since it's the weekend and you'll never get a prescription, I would buy adult ones and cut them up with a knife (they're like jelly, so it's easy). One quarter of an adult one would be a similar size to a child one.

She may also have a fissure from the hard poo that was difficult to pass. This may make pooing painful for a long time until it heals, so she will be even more inclined to hold in poo and get more constipated. It's a vicious cycle. Consider taking her to the GP for stool softeners like Movicol or Lactulose so that a) she isn't as able to hold in poo, and b) make pooing less painful so she breaks the association of bowel movements and pain.

Moojay Sat 08-Aug-15 12:05:54

Thanks sea,
I can't get to the shops until after 6pm but will go to Tesco pharmacy then. My sil has some lactoluse so I can grab that off her this evening too.
I have one paracetamol suppository 'Alvedon'. Is or worth giving her that at all?

seaoflove Sat 08-Aug-15 12:08:53

I wouldn't. You need a glycerine suppository to soften the hard blockage. Doubt a paracetamol suppository would do that.

In the meantime try to get her to drink loads.

Moojay Sat 08-Aug-15 12:12:37

Thanks sea.
She seems to of upped her fluid intake a bit more now, I've bribed her with volvic peach water, although she seems to be quite uncomfortable, keeps suddenly bursting into tears and screaming blue murder.

seaoflove Sat 08-Aug-15 12:15:13

Poor thing. She will be in a lot of pain. A trip to the out of hours GP might be a good idea.

Moojay Sat 08-Aug-15 12:23:58

Think if she's still uncomfortable this evening after glycerin supps and a bit of lactoluse ill take her into OOH.
I've given her a drop of Calpol in the hopes it might take the edge off a bit for her.

Moojay Sat 08-Aug-15 12:46:44

So she's just passed a rock solid, black poop which was nearly the size of my fist and screamed whilst doing it sad only took her a few seconds, bum doesn't look too bad, a bot red so I think om gunna get the movicol or lactalouse and use it for a few days just incase its done any harm inside.

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