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Potty training when they don't mind wetting themselves.

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TreTops Wed 05-Aug-15 20:40:05

DD2 is 3, we had started potty training in March and she was fine with no knickers/ trousers on but would always forget if she had knickers on, she then got poorly so we stopped for a bit and every time we tried same thing couldn't remember with knickers on.

Now I really need to crack it while she is off nursery for the summer but again she fine without knickers, but yesterday she wet herself on the sofa and just sat in it unbothered watching tv. This morning she weed through knickers on the kitchen floor and just carried in walking around....I'm sure she should be bothered by being wet but she isn't.

Daisiemoo Mon 10-Aug-15 13:10:24

My 3 yr old is exactly the same!! We were going great at Easter, she was pooing on the toilet every day and getting most wees on the toilet, then she was poorly for a couple of weeks and has refused since then to sit on the toilet!!
However this morning she did a big wee on the toilet and asked for pants on. Then as I've timed her (it's every hour!) ive mistakenly asked her if she wants to go to the toilet and trusted her when she's said no, I'm alright. She wet once and sat in it watching tv and then the second time she not only wet but pooed aswell!! I'm trying not to be stressed. We have no plans this week so will just roll with it. It's frustrating though when I know at Easter she could do it!

Daisiemoo Fri 14-Aug-15 19:15:09

Tretops how are you getting on this week? I've stuck with the no nappy during the day and today we had lots of wee's on the toilet, a couple of accidents where she got to the toilet but wee'd on the floor as she's not got her timings right but overall we are on for a successful week!

nolimas Sun 16-Aug-15 17:21:33

i have just solved my problem about potty training with the help of and it takes time at the first time but it is too easy to control potty so that they can go to direct way . i just wanna share it . thanks all

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