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Going out during potty training - pants or pull up

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Jessiesmumma15 Tue 04-Aug-15 10:41:47

Hi mums,

I've tried a few times to potty train my daughter but she's just not took to it and got all upset, so I stopped each time until a better time.

So last week when she came to me asking for pants on, I was extremely surprised... But we've had no accidents in the house yet what so ever! We've been in for a couple days to get it nailed to a T, well been in the garden etc...

But now I am wondering what to do for going out...

I don't drive, so we either walk or get the bus.... I know most mums who drive use liner pads for the car seat as they have more chance of getting to a toilet quicker... But I live in a town, where the local main street has ZERO toilets... Like not one at all.... So I'm worried if we go to the shops and she has a accident away from home... I have no where to change her...

Or if we get the bus to family's houses and she has a accident on the bus or mid walking and I've nowhere to change her?

I understand most people will suggest pull ups... But if she gets a pull up on she automatically goes straight back to peeling/pooing in it xx

captainproton Tue 04-Aug-15 10:50:17

well she may have an accident, but there are ways to reduce them.
I don't put my recently trained DD in a pull-up either, we tend to try and go for a wee before we leave the house. I don't give her juice either, so she sips water throughout the day and is not busting for a wee every 10 minutes.

Is there not a library or supermarket with a customer loo? What would you do if you needed to go for a wee? I make a point of stopping off at these places before we come home. I take her with me to the toilet and she will usually go if I do.

Also don't go out all morning, just build it up slowly. If she says she needs to go she will have to learn to hold it for a bit.

Carry spare clothes and a carrier bag and towel for the bus (to sit on). If she really, really can't hold it and there are zero toilets then you will probably have to find a bush or something instead.

SomedayMyPrinceWillCome Tue 04-Aug-15 12:54:04

When my DS needs to go & there are no toilets around I take him to the nearest bush (preferably) or tree. Not ideal but what choice do you have really? Admittedly this is probably easier with boys than girls.

Glitteryarse Tue 04-Aug-15 12:56:51

Put a potty in a water proof bag with wet wipes and nappy bags for pooh.

I do this with dd and it works great

noblegiraffe Tue 04-Aug-15 12:59:13

Get a potette portable potty. It folds up so easy to carry and you put lined bags into it so you just bin the bag instead of having to empty and clean a potty.

It also converts into a child toilet seat for use on manky public toilets.

MsJuniper Sat 08-Aug-15 17:28:00

I did a few short trips in pants where it didn't matter if there was an accident, eg local park. It was quite hit and miss to start with but we have now done quite long journeys without any problems. I do have to prompt him to use the loo or potty while we are out or he will be too distracted to realise.

We tried the potette but found it a bit of a faff and DS wasn't keen. A friend gave us her son's Carry Potty and DS loves that so it's worked well for us.

I also have a pair of training pants which have a waterproof layer and I've put these over his normal pants for outings where I'd rather not deal with an accident, but he has stayed dry every time I've used it so I'm not sure how effective they are.

33goingon64 Sat 08-Aug-15 18:46:28

Agree with the potette. Lifesaver in early weeks and no-one minds seeing a toddler weeing in public. Pull ups at night but not in day - why would you? It's a nappy.

CatWithKittens Sun 09-Aug-15 18:36:23

Trainer pants - they don't absorb like a pull-up so the child knows he/she is wet but they save other people's spoiled furniture, carpets, bus seats!

bittapitta Sun 09-Aug-15 18:41:24

Pants. Not pullups or nappies as that sends mixed messages. Take a travel potty and change of clothes. The regular pram liner will be fine for protecting buggy. Reinforce to her that she needs to tell you when she needs the toilet. Make sure she "tries" to go before you leave the house and before you leave cafes etc. We don't have a car and managed long walks in the buggy and buses and train trips from the first week.

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