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How do you potty train dc2 (or 3,4)

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DeathMetalMum Tue 28-Jul-15 08:17:34

I'm struggling to find the time to actually give dd2 the chance at potty training. I decided to try in the holidays as the school run is almost an hour but the idea of spending three days or however long at home is difficult. We're still on 'get out of the house' mode and have activities for dc's booked etc so we survive the summer holidays.

We're at home today but then have plans every day for almost two weeks (dd1 booked onto a swimming scheme, friends visiting and several birthday parties). Is it worth while juat leaving nappy off at home? And nappy/pull ups while out? Or just wait until we can guarantee some time at home (whenever that will be).

Fresh01 Wed 29-Jul-15 21:12:44

I have toilet trained 4 and with the younger siblings you do just need to bite the bullet and go armed with supplies.

Is she ready? Best clue I have worked out is - is the nappy dry for say 1.5hrs then suddenly very wet? My friend tried toilet training her DS before he had any bladder control and she said it was like following a drippy tap for a few days before she gave up for a couple of months.

I tried getting a few days where we could spend a reasonable chunk of the day at home. But still had school runs and activity runs. No nappy, pants on and potty available. Lots of encouragement etc.

When going out have a bag with you with several changes of clothes, some sheets of kitchen roll to quickly put on any wet puddle so others didn't stand in it. Folding travel potty in car, it did get used.

I did make sure to avoid soft play centres for the first month or so. If I had had to go somewhere like that I would have used a pull up.

Yes, you get the odd puddle but it was never an issue. I trained DC4 last June and we did a 2 week holiday in July with no nappies and I can only recall one accident on holiday!

DeathMetalMum Thu 30-Jul-15 08:48:43

Thank you. I believe she is ready, has had bladder control for a while now can have a nappy on for a couple of hours without it getting wet. Dd a has also started saying when she is doing a poo and sometimes a wee.

We have almost two and a bit days at home tomorrow, (bar a birthday party) Saturday and then Sunday morning. I might bite the bullet and see how she gets on.

Alanna1 Thu 30-Jul-15 08:51:05

You absolutely just have to bite the bullet. You aren't being fair to DC2. Just be prepared and go for it - and think, a life without nappies is just a few weeks away! Put some soak pads in the car seat if you are worried.

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