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Dry at night - help please!

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tincent Mon 27-Jul-15 22:45:24

DD is just 5 and has been potty trained for 2 years, however she is still not dry at night. She wears PJ pants to bed and they are always wet in the morning. We try her every now and then for a few days or so without them but with always the same result... sopping wet sheets and an upset child. We're due to try again this week (we've been leaving gaps so not to upset her) and I wondered if anyone has any advice. We've tried 'lifting' and it doesn't seem to make much difference. I will not restrict her drinks however I do keep an eye to ensure she doesn't drink excessively. She is completely dry during the day and attends school.
Any thoughts very much appreciated.

PinPon Mon 27-Jul-15 22:48:42

ERIC website is worth a look. It has some good ideas (eg drinking lots during the day to exercise the bladder) and might give you and DD some new things to try.

tincent Mon 27-Jul-15 23:12:06

Thanks PinPon I will have a look.

twinsister Wed 29-Jul-15 07:05:13

Hi tincent, my daughter who is also five (nearly six) was just the same, sopping every morning despite trying everything.

Last two weeks she has been dry in her pull up every morning and now she is going without one.

Strangely I think the trigger was staying in her cousin's bedroom which had an ensuite bathroom. She admitted she was frightened to get up in the night/early morning at home. She seems to be over that fear now as long as we leave the bathroom light on down the corridor. Hope that helps.

OhTinky Wed 29-Jul-15 07:07:37

My DD is 4.5 and is still doing one wee in her pull up pants overnight. She can sometimes be dry one-two nights a week and we give lots of praise/encouragement but then it's back to wet again. Have no tips but watching with interest!

tincent Wed 29-Jul-15 09:57:54

Hi twinsister, thanks for the reassuring words that she'll get there on her own. I do think the fear factor has a lot to do with it have ordered funky nightlight. Thanks too twinsister. I think we'll keep going like you with lots of praise. Last thing I want to do is worry her. Thanks both.

OhGood Sat 01-Aug-15 09:51:17

Hello, watching with interest too! Exactly same situation here as OP. DD has always been sopping wet in the morning - she's 5. So we tried a night without nappies and she seemed to do only a teeny teeny wee. Since then she's having 1 or 2 small wees a night, and she's dealing with it really well. Been 5 nights now. This morning she said she dreamt she was weeing and then woke up and found she had - so I think this is quite an encouraging thing. I am going to stick with it for a bit longer now, and put a potty in her room tonight to see if that helps. I have a feeling she can do it...

tincent Sat 01-Aug-15 10:36:42

Good luck!

OhGood Sun 02-Aug-15 19:02:44

Nope. Massive wee, wet bed, etc etc. Damn. I a going to stick with it a bit longer tho.

OhGood Sun 02-Aug-15 19:03:08

and new strategy which is if she wakes up in the night she should go for a wee.

OhGood Mon 03-Aug-15 11:58:21

BUGGER. NO progress. But she's still happy and chilled out about it, so I am going to keep going for a bit.

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