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nappy for long journey?

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MrMacadoo Fri 24-Jul-15 09:55:40

my dd has been dry for just over a month but won't poo on the potty.

We are going on a long car journey so I want to put her in a nappy just in case. my dm says to put her in knickers and she will be OK.

I don't want her to have an accident and get upset, nor do I want her to regress as she is doing so well.

what would/have you done and how did it go?


LovesYoungDream Fri 24-Jul-15 09:59:42

Would training pants work better? Similar to a nappy but like a pull up for toilet training.

Stubbed Fri 24-Jul-15 10:01:26

But a washable doormat with plastic back and line the car seat with it. They are only a fiver and any accidents easily cleared up

Stubbed Fri 24-Jul-15 10:01:39

Or a bath mat

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