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Does this mean she is getting ready?

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Chunkymonkey79 Wed 22-Jul-15 08:41:05

Hi, my 19 month old has started to do a few things that are making me wonder if she is making small steps to starting potty training?

- shouts 'nappy' after having a poo and goes to the area I keep changing supplies

-if she hears somebody having a wee in the toilet she shouts wee wee, and has done it randomly on occasion where she might have been weeing?

-only poos at home, cries with tummy ache when we are out. Poos as soon as we get home.

-will now only poo in a dry nappy in the morning. After 12 hours in bed and a pretty soggy nappy she seems to wait until she is in a clean one, then poos straight away.

It just seems like she is very aware of what is going on with toilet related things where a few weeks ago she was oblivious and carried on as normal where ever we were! I am in no rush at all, would prefer to wait until she is able to communicate a little more but i just wondered if anybody is familiar with signs like these! Thanks

bethleighshep Thu 23-Jul-15 13:49:51

My DD is the same at 16m I'm thinking of starting with her but not sure if she's too young.

LetThereBeCupcakes Thu 23-Jul-15 14:04:48

DS was at a very similar point at around that age and I pondered whether or not to start potty training.

In the end we went with a laid back "baby led" training if that makes sense! We got a potty and left it accesible for him. He investigated it put it on his head, sometimes sitting on it.

He often used to poo in the bath so I got into the habit of whipping him out and sitting him on the potty as soon as he started going. He soon realised that if he pooed on the potty instead of in the bath he could get back in the bath, and very quickly asked to use the potty if he needed a poo. This gradually carried over into him asking for the potty quite frequently when he needed a poo.

Around February this year, when he was just 2, we decided to give full-on potty training a go. He was really, really keen but his bladder just wasn't ready - he was still weeing every 10-15 minutes and quickly got annoyed and lost interest, so we put him back in nappies.

About a month ago (aged 2.5) he announced he'd no longer be wearing nappies any more and that was pretty much it. Very few accidents and was also dry at night less than 2 weeks later.

Every child is different but I think it wouldn't hurt to start gently introducing your DD to the potty and seeing what she does.

LetThereBeCupcakes Thu 23-Jul-15 14:06:42

Here's my original thread, you might find it handy:

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