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Dry for a week then last few weeks completely hit and miss

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Kafri Sun 19-Jul-15 03:23:24

Just that really,

DS 2.6, asked to wear pants one weekend so went with him. He was dry for a week, not poo but wasn't worried as had heard this came later.

Since that week he's just been all over the place with it. Some days I pick him up from nursery to find he's gone through all his spare pants (I send 5 sets a day), other days he's been dry.

Weekends at home are similar. Some days he tells me when he needs to go and is dry all day (some days inc poo), other days, like today, he will say he doesn't need to go if I ask if he needs a wee, will fight if I try to push him to try for a wee and will wet his pants without saying anything til after he's done.

Do I just keep going and take the good days with the bad? Or am I doing something wrong? Or should I leave him for a bit and try again in a while? I'm put off going back to nappies again as he asks to wear pants and is clearly able to be dry given how many 'good days' we have and his dry week at the start.

Any insight??


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