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sagi14 Sat 18-Jul-15 13:22:21


My little man is 18months old and for a while I have been trying to teach him about popo/pipi and he knows the concept.

Two weeks ago, I noticed he was going for poo so I asked, are you having a poo? he confirmed and then I said, shall we go to the toilet? and he agreed. Since then, he has had pretty much all his poos in the toilet, and is happy to sit there for 20 mins or so, he tells me once he has finished and does his godbyes, also as you do!! this week he has started actually telling me that he needs a poo, however is not always.

I feel we are on the right track, really just going with the flow but have read if I delay it, then we can miss our window??. I think I have to do something and get him to move forward, however not too sure, what I should do.

Right now I have his underwear ready and was thinking to put it on and just take him to the loo every 30 mins or so in the aim that he does a pipi too and understands? Not sure, how to approach this.

Anyone out there with experience to give me some advise?

Tequilashotfor1 Sat 18-Jul-15 13:27:50

I have one 20 year old and one 2 and a bit.

Dd1 was a bit later but I didn't really force the issue and she copied her cousin and just carried on going to the toilet I think she was around 2 and a half.

Dd2 has just started using the toilet trainer seat and this week it's really clicked and she hadn't had a nappy on at all during the day. She is happy so I'll just go with the flow.

However DP is the nappy police so like now he has taken her out and put a nappy on her angry

PollyP0429 Sat 18-Jul-15 18:49:11

Following this one. We're in pretty much the same boat: DD is 18months old, half trained - coming to get us saying poo then taking us to her potty so we can put her on it. Our problem is that she doesn't speak so well atm so 'poo' can mean 'I want to go', 'I've already wee'd', and its for a wee or poo though she is more insistant for the latter.

We decided to try in earnest after she stopped weeing in the potty (which we've had her doing since 1yo) and waiting til she had a nappy on to go. So we've let her run around for the last 2 days with a bare bum and a potty in the main room and bathroom. So far we have only had 4 accidents 1 of which was entirely our fault. Tomorrow we're working on getting her to hold it til she gets to the bathroom potty.

This is all pure guesswork I might add so I'll let you know how I get on but if anyone else has ideas I'd like to hear them

sagi14 Tue 21-Jul-15 13:36:41

Thank you so much for replying.

So, in a nutshell I think I'm doing everything WRONG!!

This weekend I let my son without a nappy, only put one on during nap and night time. Not sure if we got much progress, to be honest!!

What happened was that he really doesn't get the wee "pipi" thing, I think and it made me be all on the top of him constantly asking him if he wanted to go to the toilet. He was edgy and for the first time ever, annoyed at being taken to the loo.

I think I wasn't patient enough when accidents happened since always my first reaction was a very LATIN AMERICAN "DIOS MIO!!!!" with my hands on my head and very very big open wide eyes..

In the end, on saturday we had two wees "pipi" in the toilet. I have to say that for two weeks now he only poos in the toilet which is great.

On Monday he went to nursery so we went back to nappy and in all honestly today I decided to go to the park and no stay in doors.. I have been worried that I'm messing up things for him. However, just now he was in bed getting ready for his nap and there he told me he needed a poo, which sort of makes me relax a bit.

Now.. I'm not sure if I should, let him keep going and just use the loo for the poo and forget about the wee?? that's lazy from me , isn't? or should I just keep on trying and train him to also "pipi/wee" in the toilet.

Should I cancel all activities for this week or just take a more relax approach, give him time, try to get him to understand "pipi" and try again this weekend?

I'm a very messed up mum sad

PollyP0429 Wed 22-Jul-15 00:15:12

Oh bless ya Sagi, take a deep breath and chill. You're not wrong for wanting to back off and you're not lazy. Whatever approach you take to potty training planning seems to be the key to success so make sure you know exactly what you plan to do.

So I'll give you a quick rundown of where we are and how we started out. We picked some days and just stayed in, took up everything that couldn't get wet and let DD run around bare. After 2 accidents she pretty much got the idea on the first day and would come and sit on the potty (we had a spare in the main room for her) by herself when she needed to go. Day 2 we took her out cos I needed some shopping and made the mistake of not giving her enough chances to pee while out - come the end of shopping trip we had an accident. Ran her to the toilets while she held it and she did the rest of her pee in the potty. Went to nanny and grandads after and she was too busy playing to realise she needed to go but again when we grabbed her she held on til we got to the potty. After that she started taking herself to the potty. Day 3 we got her to hold in til the bathroom - only 1 accident. Day 5 (today) and she's been taking herself all day but as she can't pull her knickers down she will wee through them. All her accidents now are because her way to the potty is blocked.

I have mostly stopped asking her if she needs the potty cos if I ask and she doesn't need it I get a strop - much like your situation, I get paranoid and it puts her on edge.

Accidents I act calmly but mildly disappointed, to the point where she now says "oh no" if she does have an accident. She knows were to go, I don't want her thinking its ok but I don't want her to be terrified of telling ne if she does have one.

Our biggest problem is now that she just doesn't tell us - she'll just go off and do it on her own. As she hasn't got the hang of removing her clothes we've just been leaving her bare so she can go as and when and if we go out we've been using pullups with plenty of opportunities to let her go.

That's where we are atm and I think that'as far as we can get until she learns to either tell us she needs to go or learns to pull down her knickers.

I hope it helps - I've just picked the bits out of all the methods that work for us.

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