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DD great at wees but poo taking her by surprise?

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Mafiti Fri 17-Jul-15 15:19:56

DD is 2.5 and much to my surprise started using the potty of her own free will nearly two weeks ago. When nappy free she had next to no accidents with wees. First couple of times in knickers she had a couple but in the main she's doing great. She says when she needs to go and goes.

But she doesn't seem to know when she needs to poo so she's popping in her knickers. I don't think it's a phobia - she has excellent speech and hasn't said anything and is also happy for me to sit her on the potty as soon as I've spotted her Poo face.

Is this just normal for early days? Is she not ready?

Pr1mr0se Sat 18-Jul-15 09:51:42

It's normal - wee is always easier to sort out first on the potty. It just takes time.

Mafiti Sat 18-Jul-15 14:38:04

Thanks, Pr1mr0se. We'll keep going!

Mafiti Tue 21-Jul-15 03:13:39

Hm, things are not going well. I'm starting to think there is something about pooing she doesn't like but she can't articulate it. I keep reading how one of the readiness signs is a predictable bowel movement. She doesn't poo at the same time each day but neither do I! Am I wrong to ignore that? She also still does quite sloppy poos.

On Sunday we only had one successful wee - that was at home. Out and about two wees in her trousers and one poo. Not sure if she was too distracted to notice or didn't want to go on the travel potty.

Yesterday she managed a wee in the toilet but also asked to go twice when she didn't need to. Novelty factor and I think she likes the praise???

But more significantly her behaviour has become awful and we had the first night waking in a few weeks. She became a big sister 10 weeks ago so I wouldn't have chosen to start potty training now but as it was led by her I went with it. I'm really torn as to what to do. Something tells me she isn't emotionally ready and still struggling with her sister's arrival but I don't want to upset her by putting her back in nappies when she's asking to wear knickers.

Long story short - how much of this is completely normal? Am I over-analysing???

leeloo1 Tue 21-Jul-15 19:27:36

How about a sticker chart? Worked for my ds. I'm trying to remember now , but think I gave praise for trying, sticker for wee and big sticker for poo (smarties also commonly given as a bribe amongst my friends, but I don't think I did that with pfb). I also put a tiny cross on for accidents, so at the end of a day where it felt I'd done nothing but mop up wee I could see it was actually 7 potty wees and 3 accidents, or whatever...

I always used pull ups or training pants for outings for first few weeks too.

Hardtoknow Tue 21-Jul-15 19:34:25

DD potty trained at 2.3yrs & got wees on day one but poos took her at least a month. I was baffled as I feel the sensation of needing a poo is pretty obvious! What worked as a trick for her was to start her in pretty pants each day and, if she did an accident, she got plain white ones. The pretty ones usually went straight in the bin as she also did quite sloppy poos & I didn't fancy cleaning them and I'd got them in Primary with a view to them being disposable if need be.
With DS, we waited until 3.1yrs. The first couple of days he enjoyed the novelty & attention, then we had a couple of OK days, then major regression for a few days and I was ready to give up but then he got it. He got poos & wees at the same time & is dry at night too.
It's now 3 weeks since that break through but I still put him in pull ups for soft play, long car journeys & that sort of thing.

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