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What do we do next?

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Equimum Mon 13-Jul-15 10:01:14

We hadn't really planned to up our game with potty training just yet, but DS (2.6) woke us up yesterday by telling us he needed the potty, so we took his nappy off and waited. He only had two accidents all day (was in a nappy for nap time) and today, has already taken himself over to the potty several times.

So, all seems good, but I feel a bit list. We have him naked on the bottom half. Should I put pants on him today? The other thing is, he still seems to wee really frequently. Does this suggest he isn't really ready for 'full potty training' I.e going out and about without a nappy.

Sorry if these are stupid questions, but we're very new to this stage.

Marioswife Mon 13-Jul-15 12:51:42

Whatever you are doing just keep doign it becuase it seems to be working for your daughter.

slightlyeggstained Mon 13-Jul-15 13:14:45

DS also seems to have decided to use the potty overnight. He sat on it for a wee yesterday, then we put him on a nappy for the rest of the day. This morning he removed his nappy and has refused to have it on again, though he eagerly put pants on (minions pants, not sure if getting these last week has been a factor).

So far he's sat himself on potty for a wee twice. He's only got pants on so hoping it won't be tricky for him to take them off for the potty. Nursery tomorrow so will see how that goes.

frankietwospots Tue 14-Jul-15 11:31:41

Sounds like it's going well! I think little boys do wee frequently but that will become less frequent when they get used to going to the toilet.

I potty trained my DS when he was 2.7 yrs old - he is 3.5 yrs now. I made a big thing of buying him 'big boy pants' so that he would get excited about wearing pirate pants but I kept him naked from the waist down whenever we were in the house. This seemed to work much better as he didn't have the 'safety net' of pants if he wanted a wee. I would regularly ask him if he needed a wee, or use a motivation i.e. 'We won't go out for a walk until you've had a wee'. This worked well. He also quite enjoyed having 'nature wees' while we were out in the park, along the canal etc.. He still loves doing that now and will aim for a nettle or a leaf!

The other key factor was working out a rewards system. My DS likes stickers and choc buttons so that's what I decided to do.

Of course, we had quite a few accidents (and still do occasionally!) mainly after he'd woken up from nap time (and usually has an erection bless him!), but I resisted using pull-ups as I personally feel they send out a confusing message. He has a normal Pampers nappy for night time (and I explained to him at bathtime that he would have a nappy for bedtime).

The other thing you'll need to think about is can your DS pull his own pants down? I've had to teach my DS to do that and I know some people buy the next size up in pants so that they are easier to take down.

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