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Potty training boys.

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JanineMelnitzGlasses Wed 08-Jul-15 11:57:56

My DS is beginning to show some interest in potty training, although it's still really early days & I'm just making him more aware of his bodily functions. I'm not planning on starting any time soon but wondered if it's a good idea to have a potty around, and a toddler-toilet seat (he wanted to sit on the toilet the other day)?

I'm a clueless 1st time mum! Can anyone recommend any specific brands, or are they all the same? Also, do I need to look at ones aimed at boys? Any other tips or advice welcome! Thanks.

Piratejones Wed 08-Jul-15 15:45:08

You should get both a toilet seat and a potty, any will do and they are all unisex.
You are doing the right thing by letting him lead.
Good luck!

Paddingtonthebear Wed 08-Jul-15 16:00:41

The fisher price 3-in-1 goldfish potty has a removable training seat for the toilet and the potty base turns into a step stool so it gives you all options. They are £20 but are often on special offer for less on Amazon

JanineMelnitzGlasses Wed 08-Jul-15 17:06:14

Great, thanks for the advice smile

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