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Toddler group with potty training ds and 4 mo?

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cleoteacher Wed 08-Jul-15 09:30:26

Have toddler group tomorrow morning and wondering if I should go or not as potty training ds 2.7 yo. We would only be on day 3. We ve been in all week so far and no plans for rest of thurs and I find it much easier going out with him to fill the time than having to entertain him at home.

However, wondering if shouldn't bother. I have to breastfeed dd and can't keep ds near me when feeding dd which can take up to 40 mins. The group is set over lots of rooms and outside so ds can be anywhere whereas I am stuck on the soda breastfeeding. Normally this is fine as have friends there who keep and eye on ds and it's all secure and he is happy to go off and play. But I feel I can't leave him when he's potty training. He might not make it to the toilet, the gate might be shut and I would be mortified if he had an accident on the play equipment or carpet and I wasn't there to help him and clear it up.

Could take portable potty but it's hard to keep ds in one room and near to potty. He tends to roam.

Wwyd? Shall I just leave it until it's sorted?

Panda173 Wed 08-Jul-15 11:42:33

Sounds like it will be too much stress to go. It's only a one off, I say stay in.

cleoteacher Wed 08-Jul-15 19:15:49

Yeah might be best. Trouble is only two weeks left before it finishes for the summer so wanted to go.

Panda173 Thu 09-Jul-15 07:02:45

yeah, I was thinking that as typing original post... only a few more weeks and then the whole pre-school stuff seems to shut down.....
Let us know if you went or not, and how it went if you do go.


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