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Day 2 potty training - any tips?

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mtemte Sat 04-Jul-15 09:19:39

So we decided to start yesterday - my DD is 2 years 7 months and starts preschool in Sept so needs to be trained. I had tried in the past, not seriously but she wasnt ready. Yesterday, we had about 3 accidents in the morning and then all wees in the potty for the rest of the evening. One poo in her nappy just at the end of her nap.

Today so far, she has done about 4 wees in the potty, no accidents! SHe mentioned she had to do a poo at one stage and when I mentioned her going on the potty she said no and hasnt talked about it since. Not sure what the best way to deal with poos is? Encourage the potty (but have gotten the feeling that is not going to be easy for now) or ask her if she wants a nappy to poo in? I dont want to confuse her by putting a nappy on outside of nap or bed times.... but I dont want her to become constipated either...?

Also, she wont sit on the potty for any more than 15 seconds. SHe will go to the potty if she thinks she needs to wee but she wont stay or wait to see a couple of minutes. She is also weeing little but often in the potty - sometimes 3 small wees in the space of a couple of minutes rather than staying on the potty to do all at the same time..

Dont get me wrong - shes doing very well for just her second day but I would like to make it as easy as possible for her so any tips or advice would be gratefully appreciated! Thanks

pastymuncher008 Sat 04-Jul-15 09:57:48

You have my sympathy with this one. As I worked full-time (plus overtime) I couldn't take time out to potty train so I went on what my daughter wanted and when she didn't want to wear nappies I didn't make her. If the weather is nice I'd be tempted to take everything below waist level off (it will be easier to clean up), especially if there's somewhere outside to run around. I put the puppy pads under my daughter's sheet at night.

If they're ready it happens very quickly but the more you get stressed out the more your daughter will get stressed - just go with the flow!

BTW my daughter had to be dry and be able to dress and undress herself as she started school at 3 and had to be able to change for PE.

I have no entertaining tales to tell but my cousin's daughter pooped behind the sofa and they didn't know until the evening .....

I promise you it will work out but you may find making a big deal of it makes it harder.

Good luck smile

mtemte Sat 04-Jul-15 12:55:14

Well no accidents so far today. We have had 2 poos - the first one was quite comical. She was leaning over the coffee table and I saw it come out LOL so I caught it but the second one, she told me when she had to go and I sat her on the potty and she did it in the potty!
We have had numerous wees so far today, all in the potty. We havent left the house since yesterday nor gotten her dressed so these steps I think we will leave until tomorrow. Im not sure how she will react once we put knickers on her with no nappy but TBC! Thanks for your reply pastymuncher! Honestly Im not stressing about it. I just want it to go well for her. We have a lot of changes coming up in the next six months so if we get this out of the way now, the better!

paxtecum Sun 05-Jul-15 13:52:31

Get a 'special' toy that the child is fascinated with and is only to be played with when the child is sitting on the potty.

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