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About to start - which method?

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BlinkAndMiss Sun 28-Jun-15 22:22:43

I'm about to start potty training my DS and he's 2.7. He knows what the potty is for and will sit on it when prompted, he'll usually wee which tells me he has some control and is aware when he needs to go. He's asked for the potty a few times but because we don't push it with him I don't think he sees it as a necessity so I know I need to change this for training to work.

I've been reading up on a few approaches - one says to go cold turkey on the nappies, deal with the accidents making as least fuss as possible and focus on praise. This would mean staying in the house for a week to ensure it's done properly. Another approach says to have sessions during the day, rather than stopping nappies altogether, this does sound more appealing as I can still take him out in the afternoons etc. I'm worried that the second approach might confuse him, surely if I only enforce not wetting his pants for half the day then he won't know when I expect him to use the potty and when it doesn't really matter.

I'm worried about training, I know I need to bite the bullet and do it. I also have a 2 week old baby so I'm not sure if this is too much of a change for my DS, should I wait until he's used to the baby or will it not matter? My thinking was that whilst we're pretty much stuck in the house it was a good opportunity. It just seems so difficult!

Baies Sun 28-Jun-15 22:24:36

I'd personally leave it for another half a year minimum. That way you don't even need to do it, they just pop themselves in the loo ( with help) and there's no hassle because they're ready.

2.7 means that you'll be dealing with lots of wet pants/ tears etc purely because he isn't physiologically ready. Many many children just aren't at this age

PavlovtheCat Sun 28-Jun-15 22:27:16

Wait. it's a big deal having a new sibling. he's very young and right now potty training is unnecessary. Few months to get used to new baby and continue as you are, showing him the potty, getting him to used to it being around before trying. There's no rush, and no point adding unnecessary stress for either him or you right now.

Picklesauage Sun 28-Jun-15 22:32:30

I was about to say cold turkey it and go for it. Until I read about new baby. I would say leave it at least 2 months. So much has changed in the last few weeks, why force this now. I say this as I am settling my 2 week old and I know how hard it has been for my 3 year old.

So I guess I'm saying, when it comes to it go cold turkey, but I would be reluctant to try and train now, not when everything has changed in the last few weeks.

Madai Sat 04-Jul-15 23:41:24

I agree to leave it for now- you have got so much going on, and he has too, so it would be a lot of extra stress on you. I'm in a similar situation- my daughter is 2.6 and son due Monday (induction). She had started showing interest in potty/ toilet, but still can't tell me before she wants to go- and reverted from telling me she had been, to claiming she hadn't sometimes, when she had been. So I scrapped trying for now (she still has potty to have a go on when she asks- and they aren't hidden away or anything) but I figure lets get new baby settled in before any other changes.

Good luck whichever way you go- I don't think there is any right or wrong, as long as child is ready. smile

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