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Potty training - All or nothing?

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HotSteppa Thu 25-Jun-15 21:10:26

DD is 21 months, early to be getting into this I know but she seems to be pushi g to give it a go. The last few weeks she has been taki g her nappy off all the time, real battle to get her to wear one (more so than usual) and wants it changing frequently. We have had a potty around for ages and have had a go putting her on it before baths as she always wees once she gets in and though she has never manafed a wee in it she always asks to sit on it before the bath. This morning I thought I would offer it after breakfast as she usually poos then and low and behold she did! lots of praise , she was delighted and flushed it away, hurrah. My question is, is this it? Have we started now and have to give it a good go? Shes at nursery tomorrow, should I ask them to offer the potty after breakfast ? Feel they will think im barmy and that shes too young. Where do you go from there? Don't think she has as much awareness about when she wees, cant imagine she will be nappy free for a while. Can you just have say morning poos and try for a wee before a bath for a while or is that just confusing?

westcountrywoman Thu 25-Jun-15 21:20:01

21 months isn't necessarily too young. I personally think and all or nothing approach is less confusing. Why not give it a couple of weeks and see how she's getting on. If she's ready, she'll have cracked it pretty much in that time.

HotSteppa Fri 26-Jun-15 08:30:25

Thank you. Ok so we have decided to ask nursery to offer the potty after breakfast and spend the weekend in the garden with no bottoms on and see what happens. You never know!

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