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Starting school in september and still unreliable - exasperated and worried

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BunnyW Fri 19-Jun-15 14:29:12

DS (3.10) is currently at preschool and some days will be fine, others 4-5 accidents (wee and poo). He's generally more reliable at preschool than at home (routine?), but even there sometimes gets distracted and forgets. I have to go everywhere with several changes of clothes just in case.

He's had a rocky road with it all. We started potty training at about 2, supported by his nursery who agreed he was ready, then moved house, childcare setting and had a new baby over the next year all of which, in turn, caused regressions. He can, when he remembers, do everything he needs to in a toilet, but I don't know if he actually forgets or there's something more to it.

Wee accidents vary from a little dribble to a full on cascade and often (most annoyingly) happen ten minutes or so after he's been asked if he needs to go. Poo accidents are usually just a "smudge" as it were - could this be not quite controlling when passing wind? I've had him checked by a GP for UTI and constipation.

Bribery hasn't worked and I don't like it anyway. He's a sensitive soul and I'm loath to set him up with a reward system that he's almost certainly going to fail at.

I keep telling myself its just a phase and he'll grow out of it but I'm worried because (sorry if TMI) DH has issues with this too and I don't want it to become an anxiety related thing. And the whole school thing too - especially as he'll be one of the youngest in the class. I know they're all different and it won't last for ever but I'm so fed up with it all!

Piratejones Fri 19-Jun-15 15:02:54

We use the Padded pants from the Eric website, they can hold one whole wee. Might be useful for you.

Twistedheartache Sun 28-Jun-15 20:07:24

No answers for you but DD1 is 4.3 and the same for wee. Has never pooed in knickers but sometimes doesn't wipe brilliantly.
Really worried about Sept & school

kathryng90 Sun 28-Jun-15 20:12:17

My DS started school last September aged 4:2 and had accidents most days. School never batted an eye lid. I sent in changes of clothes and over the school year he got better. Can't remember the last school accident. He was never bothered by his accidents just came out of school clutching his book bag and carrier!

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