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Nighttime training DS1, nearly 6. WWYD?

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Sticki Wed 17-Jun-15 16:46:05

Im looking for some advice. Ive been attempting to train DS1 for a couple of years. Taking the pull ups off for a week or so to try and get some dry nights but its just not working. I do all the normal things - bed layering, no liquids after .30pm, lifting, incentives etc...... but nothing helps.

Now after another try DS1 is not keen to go back into pullups, where previously I have been able to persuade him. I just cant bear the endlessly broken nights when he wakes already wet. He sleeps very deeply so I dont think the message is getting through. Im not sure how to proceed. Do I try to persuade him on the pull ups or keep going? (10 days this time with 1 dry unbroken night, when I suspect he didnt drink enough during the hot day).

I appreciate any thoughts/ideas

snowaccidentprone Wed 17-Jun-15 17:16:05

Medically the doctor won't refer until 7 (I think).

We had the same problem with ds2. He was referred to a special clinic.

But I noticed that he would go to the toilet every hour during the day, so I wondered if he had a small bladder. I used a measuring jug, and he weed in that. I set him a goal of trying to go for a little longer between toilet visits, and to increase the volume in the jug gradually, until he could fill it.

I believe that children have to start producing a hormone which stops them needing to week during the night.

Could you call them pyjama pants rather than pull ups?

I just used large nappies (as they were cheaper, and I'm a cheapskate!). Ds2 didn't seem bothered.

Hope this helps.

Floggingmolly Wed 17-Jun-15 17:20:30

It is hormone related, so there's no "training" involved as such. Some children are just ready sooner, that's all. You can't force it.
He won't be the only one in his class, by a long chalk.

Sticki Wed 17-Jun-15 20:22:56

Thanks Snow and Floggingmolly for the reassuring words. I had heard about 7 being the time of concern, not before. Its just he feels sad about it, although I know he is probably not the only one in the class.

Ive managed to bribe him back into a pull up on the condition I put it on him later when he is asleep (he hates the feel of them) and I buy the nice (ie expensive) pjama pants tomorrow.

We will continue to try occasionally and hopefully the hormone will arrive sometime!

foolonthehill Wed 17-Jun-15 20:35:18

don't panic.
He is still very young and well within the normal variation. Only 95% of children are reliably dry by 10 years of age even when you exclude specific neurological conditions.At 15 still 1-2% of the population will have occasional wet nights.

It often runs (!!) in families so that might give you a guide as to when he may grow into dryness.

Yes, you can't train night dryness as said up thread though lifting when you go up might give you the occasional dry night just by chance.

it's a shame he does not like pull ups...if you can't persuade then how about Goodnights which are washable underpants with an absorbent, disposable inserts.....might work out cheaper too.

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