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Paediatric Hypnotherapy

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cjm10979 Wed 10-Jun-15 13:53:53

My DD is about to start school in September (4.5 years) and is still not properly toilet trained. This all started with her being severely constipated (thought to be associated with her hyper-mobility). After a while we got to see a Paediatric Consultant at the hospital and was prescribed Movicol. The initial dosage of Movicol was high (8 sachets) to remove the blockage of poo. At this point we went back to pull-ups to cope with the consequences of using Movicol.

It has been a long and hard process of working out what dosage of Movicol to use, so that she will have bowel movements but at the same time not too much that it causes diarrhea.

We saw the consultant recently who has now suggested 1 Movicol every other day along with 3 x 5ml doing of Ducosol. She is now pooing regularly.

Once off high doses of Movicol we moved back to pants, but regularly wets her clothing (up to 3 times a day) and most of the time does a poo in her pants. She has had an abdominal ultrasound looking at kidneys & bladder etc and all is normal. She still has a nappy on during the night (if she's not toilet trained during the day, then it would be hopeless to assume it would be any different during the night). We put her on the toilet for about 10-20 minutes before she is due to go to bed which usually results in no poo. Once she is in bed within 30 minutes she will have done a poo in her nappy and then want to be changed.

My thoughts are that there is simply no reason why she should be wetting herself, she knows that's what the toilet is for and just simply doesn't want to do it there. For poos during the daytime there is a possibility that the medication is dictating when this should be coming out and therefore may not get the opportunity to do the poo in the toilet. For poos in her night time nappy, this is deliberate as she had the opportunity to use the toilet before bed, but chose not to do the poo there.

I now think she has fear of using the toilet based on the initial constipation experience and then with everyone saying you must use the toilet for wees & poos for the last 2 years. We have tried reward charts, removal of ipad etc for "accidents" and even a watch that had buzzed every 1.5 hours to tell her when to go to the toilet. She has rejected all of this and has even started saying that if she has an accident it doesn't matter. The simple fact is that she just doesn't want to use the toilet and would prefer to soil herself.

I am now looking at Paediatric hynotherapy as a possible solution to this situation. Has anyone used it? Did you get the desired results? Know any good therapists in Central London or Surrey?

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