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On the basis of this first day, would you carry on?

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DuchessOfWeaseltown Tue 09-Jun-15 19:34:44

DD 2.3 and very very verbal.
Loathes nappies and nappy changes more with each passing day.
So today we started some gentle potty training. Am trying the 'method' of just putting her in knickers for an hour or so while around the house and seeing how we get on; nappies still for going out.
Today, day one, much enthusiasm from her which was good.
Session number 1, this morning, roughly an hour, she managed 1 entire wee in potty, 2 times I got her there after an initial small accident so they were kind of half wees (!) in potty. One other large wee completely over thd floor. (She drank a lot this morning if that explains why there was so much wee!!!)
Session 2, this afternoon, still enthusiastic, she was dry the whole time and thdn did big wee on floor just after I took knickers off to put on nappy (we were headed out)...
Would you carry on with this?
I mean, does it sound as if there is stuff to build on or does she sound just not ready?
All quite relaxed and happy about it, and as I say the stressy nappy changes are miserable for both of us so I would rather try to get her potty trained if it's pretty much thd right time...
Thanks v much!!

Flisspaps Tue 09-Jun-15 19:49:32

Both my DC pissed all over the floor for around the first 3 days of potty training grin the fact yours even looked at the potty is astounding!!

DuchessOfWeaseltown Tue 09-Jun-15 20:47:41

Thanks Flisspaps (very apt name...!!)
Ok that's good to hear, I feel like I'm doing this in a bit of a vacuum as I don't know any other toddlers currently potty training, all my friends are currently dealing with tiny newborns!
On a related note, bit of a silly question but I'm rewarding her with a chocolate button if she gets a wee in the potty (she doesn't tend to respond well to sticker charts...) so today I rewarded her with a button even on the two occasions when she only got half the wee in the potty... she's a pretty smart cookie but this won't confuse her, will it, being given a button when she did, still, make a puddle on the floor in both cases...? Like, make her think it's all just about the weeing and not where it goes...? Didn't give her a button on the occasion of the big wee all over the floor obv...!
She was just so pleased with herself for finishing off the wee in the potty both those times that `i felt I couldn't deny her the chocolate reward...!

Angelik Tue 09-Jun-15 21:00:15

sounds like she is doing marvellously. persevere and if you're worried about chocolate buttons then substitute with happy cheering and clapping. be prepared for days when it just doesn't go well and when they happen just start fresh the next day. it will come together.

OpenMindedSceptic Tue 09-Jun-15 21:01:38

She did well and you should carry on. I started with DD on monday and she had about 8 accidents on the first day. Today was much better. Stick with it. Good luck!

DuchessOfWeaseltown Tue 09-Jun-15 21:07:16

Thanks ladies!
Angelik, I'm not worried about the amount of chocolate as such (am BAD mother in that regard) but more just the association between not quite getting it right and getting the reward anyway... but I think she'll get the difference, am I right, do you think...? I went berserk with praise when she managed the entire wee in the potty the one time - phoned grandma, cuddled her, said how clever she was etc, plus the choc button too, whereas the 'half' times I kept it more low-key...

OpenMinded, we had a fair few accidents too, should have made clear, as well as the success this morning we had two other wees just all over the floor (5 changes of knickers altogether this morning... thank god for the good drying weather)... but on the basis of your lovely replies I will indeed stick with it, not pushing it just trying it out when she's not tired/crabby etc... fingers crossed for another good go tomorrow, then!

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