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Should I start training my DS?

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Muntjac Mon 08-Jun-15 09:53:29

My DS is 1 month from his 3rd birthday. I've tried a couple of times recently to get him out of nappies. He definitely has bowel control and has poo-ed on the potty a couple of times in the past. His problem is with weeing. This weekend I was determined we would crack it, but he absolutely refused to let go of his bladder on both the potty and the toilet (with his special seat), despite wanting to go to the toilet "like a big boy", just like his big brother, and being mildly excited about wearing pants instead of nappies. I tried bribery with his favourite sweets, to no avail. He got very distressed (almost in tears) and was telling me it was "stinging", meaning trying to hold his wee in his bladder. He begged me for a nappy so he could let go of it, and I gave in as he was so distressed. Should I persevere, or should I wait another week/month??? Please help!

123Jump Mon 08-Jun-15 12:29:41

Muntjac, I have successfully potty trained two boys at that age, and found these to be really useful. Sold out there I know but Amazon have them.
Just let him stand and wee into the loo?
DS3 is nearly that age, loves watching his big brothers doing this, but refuses to try himself.
Going to buy some pants today and stock up on the chocolate buttons.
I saw on another thread that someone suggested giving everyone in the house who used the toilet a button, so maybe that will encourage them to get in on the action?
Fingers crossed!

Muntjac Mon 08-Jun-15 14:16:39

Thanks for the advice 123. I will definitely look out for those balls and yes I didn't think of giving the rewards to his brother too, I'll try that. I'm also wondering whether anyone thinks he might not be ready yet if he's saying things like "it stings"?

Piratejones Wed 10-Jun-15 11:46:10

It sounds like he has what is called Paruresis, because they only ever wee in a nappy it's now a fear to do it anywhere else, his body stops him.

Spread out a nappy on the potty and have him wee on to it.
After he has successfully weed onto the nappy, cut a hole in it and have him wee through the nappy, then after a while you can take the nappy away.

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