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Really need some help and advice potty training my DS

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alwaysabattle Mon 01-Jun-15 19:01:54

Hi all this is going to be long and i apologize in advance. I will try my best not to drip feed, but this is the first long post i've done, so please bear with me. I am wanting to start potty training my 3yr ds2. unfortunately due to been poorly alot he is behind with speech and language and understanding of following instructions. this is due to the fact he wa deaf for several months. there also unsure weather he has slight autism or weather it is purely down to the fact he was deaf and has been so poorly. so this is were i am struggling trying to get my ds to potty train. he will sit on the potty but he will not wee on it. if i try sitting him on the potty m,id wee he will stop weeing and wait till he can stand back up to carry on weeing. i really need some help off you other mummis who have managed to potty train a child with sen, as my first ds potty trained brilliantly but there was no under lying issues with him. tia for any advice and please ask if theres any more information u need .

alwaysabattle Mon 01-Jun-15 19:03:26

sorry for the spelling mistakes trying to type with one hand with poorly ds in the other smile

Marioswife Tue 02-Jun-15 08:01:50

I would let him play and explore the potty, explain with toys and dolls. Lots of role play and let him see you and his brother weeing in the toilet.
Also i've heard this tip hear before, put a nappy out open on the potty and try to get him to wee onto it, It will bridge the connection between the two things. Then cut a hole in the nappy the next time, and make the hole bigger until he's weeing in the potty itself.

alwaysabattle Tue 02-Jun-15 17:28:09

Thanks for the advice we've had 2 potty sand the toilet seat and stool since he was one so we've done a lot of playing with them and reading books about using potty stuff like that he also sees us use the toilet a lot and my dh. I really like the sound of the nappy potty idea will deffenatly try that might give him some security thanks smile

Marioswife Tue 02-Jun-15 20:02:24

Good luck with it!

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