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Day 3 of potty training my DS... Advice please!

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moonprayer Sun 24-May-15 18:37:57

DS is now 2y5m, and we think he is ready for potty training hence we started... Today is day three. He had a bit more accidents this morning and seemed just not to get the idea of telling us before he wees. But this afternoon, after one accident, he suddenly grasped the idea of rushing to potty and 'weeing', actually a bit too much... He seems to enjoy playing the game with us, just shouting 'oh, wee wee' then running to the potty and sitting for literally two seconds, and then standing up saying 'oh, finished'.... confused this happens every five minutes... So, what shall I do now? If I have to continue the game with him, how can I keep him on potty a bit longer? How shall I make him understand this is not a game? confused

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