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She just will *not* tell me when she needs to go!

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KleineDracheKokosnuss Sat 23-May-15 20:40:49

Any advice welcome. DD started potty training early - too early I now realise. She showed all the signs that the books tell you to look for, and initially it seemed to work...then there was regression and puddles everywhere.

The current position is that she is 2.5, and she:
- has a bladder of steel, such that she can go for 5-6 hours without peeing during the day.
- has firm control over when she pees, such that if I can convince her she should try on the potty, she can actually choose to wee.
- is mostly dry overnight.
- knows when she is pooing.

BUT, she will not, under any circumstances, tell me when she needs to go. Not ever. Nor will she take herself off to any of the multiple potties that are located around the house (even though she is perfectly capable).

If I ask her whether she needs to go, she will always say no. Same with merrily announcing that it's 'potty time'. A reward chart had no effect.

Frankly, it is driving me nuts and I'm at a loss as to what to do. She starts pre-school in 3 months and has to be trained. Even just getting her to announce to the world that she needs to go would probably be enough.

Piratejones Sun 24-May-15 06:47:31

Preschoosl will normally "Remind" the children to go. If she is holding for as long as you say then it shouldn't be a problem.

At home you could set a timer for every hour and she knows when to go to the toilet.

LittlePink Sat 06-Jun-15 18:32:44

Same with my 3 yr old. She's been potty training just over a month now and she has a bladder of steel. She will hold it for 9 hrs which causes me so much anxiety. If I ask her if she needs a wee the answer is always no so I ask open questions now with a succession of choices. So do you need a wee or a poo? A wee. Do you want toilet or potty? Potty. And away she goes. And she produces adult sized wees from holding it for so long. Bribery and rewards don't work. She's still got a Snow White dress hanging up in my wardrobe as a reward for graduating to the toilet which she's not bothered about- she loves dressing up and she loves Snow White- she just doesn't love bribes!

Julietyler41 Tue 16-Jun-15 00:19:21

My little boy never asks us when he needs the loo he just tells me when he needs changed from been dirty how can I over come this section

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