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Best super-absorbent night-time nappy for 4-year-old?

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juneau Wed 20-May-15 19:00:03

DS aged 4 still needs to wear a nappy at night, because he's far from dry. In fact, so far from dry that most mornings we've had leakage and I need to change his sheet and mattress cover. Sometimes he wakes in the night because his pyjamas and bed are wet and I have to change everything.

He's currently in a Pampers Baby Dry size 6 and its leaking! Generally its not that the nappy is soaked through - its simply that its leaked. I've always used Pampers and DS has got a sore bottom from other, cheaper brands in the past, but I'm getting really fed up of this.

Jasonandyawegunorts Wed 20-May-15 19:01:34

switch to drynites.

gatlinout Wed 20-May-15 19:04:57

We have the same problem. We found dry nites some of the worst for leaking. Aldi pull ups are the best we have found for this but they do still leak occasionally

NewTwenty Wed 20-May-15 19:06:29

Naty pull-ups were good

Springtimemama Wed 20-May-15 19:13:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AugustRose Wed 20-May-15 19:14:54

I second Aldi pull ups and they are cheap. DS2 is 4 and we use the size 6 packs, they rarely leak and hold a lot. Drynites are terrible for leaking in my experience.

SponsoredByTheBadFairy Wed 20-May-15 19:16:40

We use a nappy wrap on top of a pull-up, which stops the leaks but I wonder whether LO's bum is going to be very hot in summer...

CraftyCrafterson Wed 20-May-15 19:18:02

Could you pop a disposable changing mat under the sheet? Or even directly under him?

LovesYoungDream Wed 20-May-15 19:22:14

There is Pampers baby-dry size 6+ (green&white packaging) which are the next size up or you could try training pants. There is a pampers disposable bed mat that you can place under dc to stop the sheets getting wet. I've seen them next to the nappies section. We had a few nights of leaks with the 6+ pampers nappies but I think it was because the white tabs were slightly unaligned to the velcro part.

LovesYoungDream Wed 20-May-15 19:32:16

Try the bepanthen nappy cream for the sore bottom and vaseline when the soreness is gone as a barrier cream. Bepanthen is pricy but very good. I find the wet wipes leave the skin very damp so I rub on some baby powder around the bottom&folds to dry off the skin first before applying the cream.

juneau Wed 20-May-15 22:25:28

Thank you! We have an Aldi in the next town over so I'll pop in tomorrow and get a small packet of their nappies to try. I usually powder his bum at night to stop any wetness from giving him a sore bottom. I'll see if I can get some bed mats too. And maybe one day he'll not need a nappy at night any more ....

Luciferbox Wed 20-May-15 22:29:14

I use Asda 6+xl for my 3.5 y/o as he leaked with most other brands we tried.

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