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Put my daughter back in diapers?

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ChristineJ85 Wed 13-May-15 23:09:02

My eldest daughter still wets the bed at night. We seem to have tried everything; cutting back on fluids, waking her up, alarm, seeing the doctor...But nothing seems to help.

It was about a year ago where we decided to drop the diapers, and let her try and sleep without - despite her wetting her pullup everynight. Often to the point that it would leak. We thought that if she was sleeping in her regular underwear, she would learn not to pee. But this hasn't worked for us at all.

Now we have become quite tired of all of this, and it disrupts the sleep of my daughter, who is seven years old. She is often tired at school and in the afternoon because of the constant waking, and changing the bed in the middle of the night.

My husband and I have started to wonder if it wouldn't be best to put her back in diapers. I haven't talked to her about it yet. I just wanted to hear your thoughts about it, as well as others experience with such issue.

Would any diaper fit her and hold back any leaks? She is roughly 50 lbs. She soaked through her pullups, so we are thinking about maybe putting her back in regular diapers, as she pees a lot and we can get a better fit with tape diapers, rather than with pullups.

2boys2girls Wed 13-May-15 23:14:42

I would talk to health visitor or doctors first as I feel there maybe an underlying problem,
Good luck

ChristineJ85 Thu 14-May-15 00:14:51

Thank you for your reply!

Yeah, we have already seen the doctor, but he couldn't seem to find a solution, other than trying alarms or medication. We have tried medication and alarms - all of which has had the same dire result: her bed is soaking wet and she still sleeps safe and sound. Because of this, we wonder if we just have to wait for her to grow out of it. If there aren't any other solutions to this problem, other than those we have already tried.

Nymeria01 Thu 14-May-15 22:00:40

If she is still wet every night and its disturbing her sleep then I would consider going back to nappies. As she is 7 it is worth going to your GP about but in the short term you have to focus on getting enough sleep. If pull ups leak try tesco or asda size 6+ nappies. I use them on ds2 who is 6 and they still fit. If they don't fit or hold the wetness you could try drynites. Feel free to pm me.

2boys2girls Thu 14-May-15 22:47:39

I would try docs again and maybe during half term try waking her through the night and taking to toilet etc .. Are you sure there's no unlying worries/medication that could be causing this? I know antihistamines would cause my son to wet himself ...

ChristineJ85 Sun 17-May-15 21:58:06

A little update.

Have gotten an appointment with my doctor, but unfotunately it's still a little far off. It's in 4 weeks!

We have therefore decided to put her in diapers. It's unfortunate that she can't use pull-ups and the larger diaper sizes are beginning to be a little small for her, but still fit somewhat. We bought a pack of Libero size 7 diapers and have used these for a couple of days now. The seem to be bigger than Pampers, and so far we haven't had any leaks. They thankfully hold the wetness away, even though she wets herself heavily.

By the way, I'm not sure if it's any underlying issues. We have been regularly to the doctor, but he hasn't found anything wrong. We are trying once again to get a second opinion this time around. Fingers crossed!

2boys2girls Mon 18-May-15 07:41:09

Still try the waking of nights for a wee., maybe every 2hours ? Also would the tenna lady small pant or dry night pull ups girls 8-15yrs ?they may feel more pant like rather thannappy ...
Good luck x

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