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28 mth old asked for potty and poo success but DC2 imminent... continue?

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folieadeux Tue 05-May-15 19:13:22

It may have just been a fluke but my DS asked to 'go to the potty and have a poo' earlier today and that's exactly what happened! We've had the potty out for a while and he's shown an intermittent but enthusiastic interest, but never actually done anything on it before now. Trouble is a) he's just done a poo in his nappy with no comment about doing it or wanting the potty this time and b) I'm 36 weeks preggers with DD. Everything I've read says don't attempt it if there's a new baby due, it can cause regression etc. Also I'm pretty immobile at the moment, however I know it'll be even harder if he's asking for the potty when the baby is here/crying/breastfeeding etc. So should I continue in a focused way, or just wait and see if he asks again? I don't want to miss the window of opportunity while he's interested.

Piratejones Thu 07-May-15 16:21:57

You can continue, but be very relaxed about it. Let her use the potty if she asks and ask her if she wants to at bath time. but use a nappy at other times.

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