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Potty training

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Bumblelouise78 Mon 04-May-15 10:40:21

Hello, I am on day 7 of potty training my My 2.8 year old and still no pee on the potty! She was showing signs and knowing when she wanted to pee. I have stickers for her every time she trys and we brought a nice new comfy potty and some pepper pig pants which she was all excited about. But i think she is scared of doing a wee on the potty?? She is extremely stubborn and strong minded girl and sometimes doesn't want to sit on the I just give up or keep going???

Plockplock Mon 04-May-15 17:07:41

I'd perhaps leave it for now if she's resistant, it's no big deal - my DD was very close to her 3rd birthday by the time we had success. If you want to persevere you could try her straight onto the loo with a training seat, my DD hated the potty and preferred this method. The Baby Bjorn training seat is stable and sturdy.

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