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Does this sound like she's ready?

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shitebag Thu 30-Apr-15 20:18:45

DD is 2.2yo, she has been happy to sit on the toilet for 2-3 minutes at a time for the past 6 months or so but has never actually done anything on it. She has always refused point blank to sit on the potty.

Due to skin sensitivity with urine we have a lot of nappy free time at home and she tells me after she's done a pee or poo on the floor and even helps to clean it up but its only the past 2 days where she's started getting upset and holding herself when she has an accident. She's been dribbling then getting panicky and holding it in even when I reassure her its fine and take her upstairs to the toilet she doesn't finish it.

I'm tempted to just put her straight into pants tomorrow and start training properly to avoid her getting upset whenever she wets/soils herself but I'm not 100% sure she's ready.

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