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Getting my twin girls dry at night

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appleandplum Tue 17-Feb-15 07:11:36

My twin daughters have just turned 5 and i have just had 2 nights without pill ups. Previous to this we'd had no dry nights in pull ups, they were dry in day by 3. I decided it was time to try at night as i know they do wees in pull ups just because they can (and sometimes when awake) and thought if we don't try we won't know.
However, after 2nd night and 1 accident from one twin and 2 from other, 1 in middle of night and now very grumpy from waking and 1 at 6.30 which woke her. Then she was comparing how big her wet patch is to sister!
Should i perservere for bit or are they just not ready, do i need to wait for the hormone to kick in or are they just conditioned to weeing in pants now?

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