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How did you know your kids were ready for potty training??? Is 19 mo too young?

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lem31 Tue 10-Feb-15 21:42:44

I have 19mo ds and he HATES his nappy being changed. A couple of months ago he started weeing everytime I changed his nappy, very much on purpose (could see him straining to go) so I bought him a potty to play with and make an association. He didn't like it though so instead just stopped weeing when I changed his nappy.
He recently started showing interest in the potty again and has begun trying to take his nappy off. He often stands up, fiddles with his nappy and uh oh's nervously - I'm pretty sure it's because he needs a wee (or is having one).

I've half heartedly suggested sitting on the potty when I change nappy. He does, but doesn't wee, and often then runs around the lounge, weeing on the floor instead! Tonight he sat on the toilet, did nothing then got in the bath and weed, very obviously aware that he was.

Is it too early to start potty training? I don't want to delay him if it'll cause problems, but also feel he is young and don't want to set him up to fail. And advise? Thanks. X

Lweji Wed 11-Feb-15 01:23:50

Are you using proper nappies or pull ups. Perhaps he just doesn't like lying down?

By all means try potty training, but don't force it.
Maybe try a more comfortable potty, or a toilet adaptor, or see if he can pee standing to the toilet?

DS was over 3 when it worked. He was fully ready by then, as he could hold it for long periods and could and would wee in the toilet or potty.

lem31 Wed 11-Feb-15 17:42:41

Thanks, hadn't thought of the toilet seat. I really don't want to force it, but also don't want to stunt him if he is ready! He is in normal nappies.
Thanks for the response. X

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