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Potty training- where have you struggled?

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Hollybartlett Sun 01-Feb-15 09:04:27

Hello- I am a qualified nanny with over 10 years of Childcare experience. I am current in the process of making some YouTube videos covering the subject of potty training to help provide advice and support of others. I was just wondering when you potty trained your children, which areas didn't go so well/ or did you need to see advice?

Having this information will help me know what to put in my videos so I that questions are answered and to ensure the potty training process is easy and stress free for both parent and child.

Many thanks


drspouse Sun 01-Feb-15 09:13:08

Our two big struggles were:
Getting DS to wee on the potty at all. Turns out he's very very good at holding it in which we are very grateful for now! We gave him juice and Toy Story and turned off the TV when he got up and eventually he did his first wee.
Wetting when told off/excluded - occasionally I have had to shut him on one side of a stairgate e.g. to cook safely but he can see me. He spent a few months weeing on the floor when that happened.

redcaryellowcar Sun 01-Feb-15 12:01:46

I think the most frustrating part of the whole process for me was people mil telling me dh had been trained by 13m, which bearing in mind his toilet habits at 41, I'm not certain it's true or was entirely successful, and also all this ridiculous media saying it can be done in a week. It can't and even the books that say you can say start preparing much earlier!

HyperThread Sun 01-Feb-15 22:08:27

How do you get your LO to actually sit in the potty without being distracted and wanting to run around?

Petallic Sun 01-Feb-15 22:22:36

Ds is toilet trained for wees but will only do poos still in a nappy. Bribery hasn't worked or offering him the choice of toilet/potty/nappy. I would take any advice that might help! I know there are others who have similar problems with DC withholding poos for too long also

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