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21m daughter toilet training.

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Glossyflower Wed 28-Jan-15 08:43:33

Ok I know this has probably been done to death, and I have read some old threads on the subject.

My DD is 21m. She is quite bright for her age, she speaks in sentences, puts sentences together by herself without being asked to repeat, and yes I know you might feel I'm pushing her but I first bought her a potty at 12m.
To begin with it was to get her used to it, practice sitting on it and calling it a potty. I took her to the toilet with me and I explained what I was doing. At about 18m I bought toddler seats for the toilets.
I felt she could have been ready for toilet training at 19ms but was put off by other saying she was far too young.
So she's in nappies atm but when she's asks to go to the toilet I have been sitting her on and she will do both wees and poos.
For a while I bought the training pants only cos sitting her on the loo, then laying her down on the bathroom floor for nappy change was annoying, and again I was discouraged from using them.
So using the toilet works, she does use the potty by herself but prefers the toilet, she asks for it and if I prompt her she will say yes or no.
Because other people have been telling me she's so young I've not been encouraging it as much as I was and she's now gone back to pooing in her nappy and wees on occasion.
I have two weeks off work. Do I go for it or wait til she's older? I feel she's regressed back a bit as she had dry nappies most of the day for a while.

chemenger Wed 28-Jan-15 08:50:36

My second dd was also very verbal at that age (it was not a sign of great genius to come, just one of those things) and she just announced that she was going to use the potty from now on one day, no more nappies, and that was it, no accidents ever, day or night, before she was 2. She was the epitome of being ready. A potty was easier because she could do it all by herself. DD1 was a completely different story.

catkind Sat 31-Jan-15 22:03:39

That sounds very familiar. Except if that's pushing we were even more pushy as we were offering DD potties from 3-4 months (with much success).

We had a first go at potty training around 17 months as by that time she was reliably telling us when she needed a poo, going a decent time between pees, dry overnight etc. Far more "signs" than DS at 3 years. Like you I felt a bit silly because she was so young, and maybe didn't give it quite long enough - she started asking for pees the day after we decided to go back to nappies.

After that false start we then left it longer than we probably needed to. Had her in reusable training pants or disposable pullups and they'd get wet maybe once a day. Potty trained very easily the next time we tried at 2.3.

In your situation - hard to say. I think I'd probably go back to what you were doing with training pants and see if you can get back to the previous degree of success before trying for full on training. But I am very lazy with these things!

PigeonPie Sat 31-Jan-15 22:11:23

We had the potties out already for DS1 when DS2 was starting. He did it all himself from about 18months (very very different from DS1) and as he's a shortarse it was much easier for him to take himself off to the potty than it was to climb onto the loo. When we were at home I just took off his bottom half and let him decide.

He was reliably dry during the day by 2 and at night by 2 1/2 which was far better than DS1, so they're all different. Go with the flow and follow your DD's lead!

chocomochi Sat 31-Jan-15 22:17:45

DD2 was18 months when toilet trained. One day, she just pointed to the toilet so we put her on (poos for a whole week) and then we took the plunge and went for wees the following week. It does help having an older DD1 asking her younger sister to keep her company in the toilet!

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