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wont poo on toilet only nappy:(

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dollysocksx Sat 17-Jan-15 19:45:14

hey all! my3yr old little boy will wee happily on the toilet but never poo on there just physically says he can't and just has to have a nappy too poo,sad I don't know what to try any suggestions please x

mewkins Sat 17-Jan-15 19:48:03

Only thing that worked with dd was pure bribery. She was scared of pooing in the potty/ toilet and the whole episode nearly broke me. The key was to get her to do it a few times so she could see that nothing bad would happen. I had to actually hold her on the potty for this. It wasn't pretty. But once we got past that it was ok.

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Sat 17-Jan-15 19:54:02

DD1 only wanted to poo in her nappy. We tried bribery with limited success. In the end I just put her in pants & let her decide for herself, staying totally calm & 'never mind' if she did go in her pants. She soon decided going on the potty was preferable to pooing in her pants & being cleaned up afterwards.

Pancakeflipper Sat 17-Jan-15 20:45:52

We had similar. The break through for us was something I dismissed as ridiculous. We put a nappy over the loo seat - so he'd sit on the loo and instead of the poo plopping into the water - it went into the nappy. Worth a go - well anything is worth a try.

Eventually I told him we had run out nappies so could he try to just do it on the loo without the nappy and that was the end of nappies.

Honeymoonmummy Sat 17-Jan-15 20:56:58

My son did exactly the same. I can't remember what I did in the end but it did pass smile

defaulttodippy Sat 17-Jan-15 21:13:11

A tip from a friend worked for my son. We were in exactly the same situation as you and about the same age.

I bought a pack of pants with my son's favourite character on (Thomas the Tank at the time) and just kept reinforcing " don't poo on Thomas, must keep Thomas nice and clean and use the toilet" and words to that effect. Worked a treat.
A few other friends have also tried this and it's worked for them too.

Parietal Sat 17-Jan-15 21:16:01

i've the same problem. i can't claim to have run out of nappies because she still has them at night. i've tried bribery / sticker charts but it hasn't worked yet. I'm slightly ignoring the issue for a bit, in the hope that she will one day decide that she is big enough to manage on the loo.

Ihavealwaysbeenastorm Sat 17-Jan-15 21:22:15

My DD is 3 and has literally only stopped pooing in her night time pull up. I didn't do anything, or just gave her time and tried not to show too much annoyance. One day she drank alot of apple juice and literally couldn't hold it until bedtime so I set her in the potty and she did it.
A potty is good as it is a better shape for encouraging poo as their knees are pulled up a bit.
OP it will happen, I know it's horrible to deal with but give him time and it will happen.

dollysocksx Sat 17-Jan-15 21:46:27

thank u all very much for your comments smile x

Littlefish Sat 17-Jan-15 21:53:53

The ERIC website has some very helpful advice for exactly this problem.

The ERIC Website

The advice sheet for moving from pooing in a nappy to pooing on a toilet

dollysocksx Sun 18-Jan-15 10:29:50

thanks @Littlefish smile

mewkins Sun 18-Jan-15 19:34:54

Oh and another thing that helped is to work out the time they normally poo eg.after dinner. And every day sit them on the toilet for a good 20mins or half an hourwith books etc for them to focus on going. WWith dd it took her flipping ages to focus and produce anything so making the time really helped. Also yes, potty is easy as better position to be in!

dollysocksx Sun 18-Jan-15 23:08:22

thanks @mewkins he hates the potty and prefers to "try" on the toilet even tho we could sit there for hours on end and he would still refuse to go, it's a horrible situation to go throughsad !! thanks again x

munchkinmaster Mon 19-Jan-15 01:16:45

Watching with interest.......

footyfan Mon 19-Jan-15 01:33:32

Have you asked if there's anything in particular they don't like about it?

My DS was the same. I finally realised he hated someone being with him. He was fine as soon as I started leaving the bathroom.

They all get there in the end, it just doesn't feel like it at the time!

Littlefish Mon 19-Jan-15 06:20:50

Blowing bubbles, blowing one of those windmill things that go round and round, or singing are all ways to encourage the right muscles when sitting on the toilet or potty.

nowwearefour Mon 19-Jan-15 06:33:44

My dd1 was 4.25 before she agreed to poo in the loo. Poo goes to pooland story won through in the end for us. Look for it online!

dollysocksx Tue 20-Jan-15 19:49:17

thanks everyone!! @nowwearefour we have tried poo land story and his reply is "that place would stink wouldn't it mum" feel asthough I wanna scream but wonder how scary It must actually be for him my little man sad ! worries me kids will laugh in nursery about it but I guess he's not the only one x

RainbowInACloud Tue 20-Jan-15 20:22:42

We bought a fishing game. They sit in the toilet with a little rod and fish for little fishes in a small pond thing on the floor. So distracting and sorted it for us- good luck!

Dropdeadfred2 Tue 20-Jan-15 20:26:32

I would seriously just stop buying nappies....put him in pants first just buy lots of cheap ones and be prepared to throw them out...if the option isn't there he will adjust

honeybeeplusone Tue 20-Jan-15 20:28:17

Hi, my daughter was the same - it passed on its own. I felt putting pressure on her was just making her constipated so we stopped anything and she started using the toilet after a while. Good luck!

dollysocksx Tue 20-Jan-15 20:32:39

thanks all for fab comments, grin ! glad to see I wasn't the only one in the situation! I've only been buying cheap nappies as he literally has a poo then straight back too pants! all in good time thanks again all grin smile wink

Lucked Tue 20-Jan-15 21:21:48

Well we have the same problem so went for pants and now he poos his pants every day. My DS poos at least twice a day and it is wearing. When I ask him why he says "it's complicated.."

We had limited success before Christmas with Santa bribery but I think we have only done one in the toilet since Christmas Day.

I like the idea of games, I think part if the problem is getting him to sit still long enough but I also think he prefers to poo standing. Off to check out the Eric website.

dollysocksx Tue 20-Jan-15 21:33:57

hi @Lucked my LB won't go in his pants which I can't moan about but he went once on the toilet about a year ago now which I was so shocked and he came and told me and showed me and I was the proudest mummy as u can imagine smallest poo ever but best proudest feeling ever! but ever since he doesn't wanna know I leave him be if he wants to be alone but his fave thing at the mo is I wanna fluff on the toilet I think its a start though x

munchkinmaster Tue 20-Jan-15 22:50:04

My wee one won't poo in pants so ends up not pooing at all for a day or so and will then go in nighttime nappy or a pull up put on for a car journey etc . I worry she will get constipated and make things worse. Hence don't think cold turkey would work.

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