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Potty training woes

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cheesecakemummy Mon 22-Dec-14 17:52:31

Just needed to get this off my chest and facebook didn't seem the right place for it lol. So my 3 yo son has been potty trained since last july so that he could attend his nursery (he turned 3 the week before nursery started so we are aware other kids have had a bit longer to grasp potty training before all that stress). he was perfect finally got him to no accidents and everything, but now every other day hes getting sent home from school in different clothes because hes wet himself. we always carry extra clothes around in case he does it but he doesn't seem bothered by wetting himself, he just expects a change of clothes and then everything picks up from where it left off. he does it at home too just wets himself rather than go to the toilet. when he was in a good phase we attempted to potty train him at night but he seemed to really struggle so we put him back in nappies, this is roughly where day time accidents came back in. so just checking if people think im crazy, cruel or agree, we decided to take him back out of nappies and completely refuse to put him in nappies at all anymore at night time, he screamed blue murder when I tried to take him to the bathroom before bed (hes fine with going to the bathroom all day so not scared of the toilet) and then had 15 minutes of screaming because he wanted a nappy on in bed. I dunno if its a parental thing but whenever its something like training him to do something and he starts screaming I always think maybe hes not ready and he should do it in his own time, but I think most of you would understand when I say the fear of full time school takes away the luxury of time. that and I am aware most kids are potty trained by nursery, I mean I can only remember one kid not potty trained that I went to nursery with right? why does this feel so cruel!!!!!!

Welliesandpyjamas Mon 22-Dec-14 18:03:17

Chill. He's only little, and not too old to be having teething troubles. Maybe he wasn't fully ready when you potty trained him? Maybe he's having a little setback (it happens)? Maybe he's started getting in to the habit of getting to distracted by nursery fun to remember to go to the toilet? Don't put pressure on him, it'll only make things worse. It's exactly what we did with our first ds being newbies and his was the most drawn out and problematic potty training process.

Assuming he turned three just before July (?) then he starts school in Sept 2016? So more than enough time for him to get himself sorted out in his own good time. It'll be fine smile

richard56 Thu 25-Dec-14 16:26:09

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