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Freak bedwetting at 9?

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JaneD33 Tue 09-Dec-14 19:59:01

I mentioned this briefly in another thread, but then found this area of the forum and thought it worth asking here just in case.

I have 2 sons, 11 and 9. The 11 year old does have a few bathroom issues, which I've talked about in details in the other thread, but it's my 9yr old that I'm asking about here.

He's been completely toiled trained from about 2, and I could count his daytime accidents since training on one hand - only one of which has happened in the past 3 years or so (fairground queue in the summer, excitement and overestimation of his holding ability it seemed!) so no concerns there. He has also never been a bedwetter, and I think the last time he did have a nighttime accident he was about 4.

Until last night. sad

He went off to bed at about 8.30pm as usual, but unusually he asked for a drink before he went...which I suspect was the problem. He only had half a cup of milk, but then for the first time in at least 5 years he woke us up at about 3am needing a change of bedding.

Even though he is the younger one, because of his brother's occasional difficulties he has always thought himself the mature one over toileting etc. so he was absolutely horrified that he'd had an accident. sad Poor lad was so upset.

I do suspect it was just down to the late drink, so made sure he has had his last drink nice and early tonight, but even so he is so worried that it will happen again - even though we didn't make any kind of issue about it. I'm just concerned that he will get himself so anxious that it may well lead to another problem, if he gets worked up about it.

Just wanted to ask whether such one off accidents do happen? As my experience with my older lad is that he has always had a bit of a problem, so don't really have anything to compare too.

Thanks smile x

WaitingForMe Tue 09-Dec-14 20:08:49

I think freak instances of bed wetting in older children usually indicate a problem such as trauma (being bullied) or a urinary tract infection.

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