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DS 4 in weeks and not interested in potty toilet or pants

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LLL123 Mon 01-Dec-14 07:43:52

Hi, DS has been a late developer in that he didn't start speaking til 3.6 and generally is young for his age. Physically he is capable and was on time with milestones. Have removed nappies and he shows no interest in attempting to use potty or loo and just does it in his trousers!! I think maybe he's still not ready but surrounded by people telling me he should 'get it'. Any thoughts/recommendations!? I think him being scared might be part of it but how an earth do you get over that!

0898 Tue 02-Dec-14 10:21:13

I don't have all the answers but giving this a bump for you. DS1 was an unwilling potty trainer and sounds a bit like yours.

We worked out that he liked the security of going in his nappy so we sat him on the potty in his nappy and when he was confident with that we laid a nappy undone on the potty and he went on that.

Ignore all those irritating people telling you what he 'should' be doing.

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