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Fear of Flush Failing

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Tigertots Fri 28-Nov-14 09:21:17

A mega-embarrassing issue that has been making me anxious for years: what's the best, least stressful & most hygienic way to cope when a stool stubbornly resists being flushed away? Is it possible to live without dreading one's next Number 2?

I'm not actually a parent, but I came across an old discussion about this sort of thing, from this forum. Someone said that it's best to break it all up with a lollipop-stick; someone else recommended pouring washing-up liquid into the loo. Are these methods foolproof? Is it safe to put washing-up liquid into any toilet, including septic-tank ones?

If I could live without this worry, I'd be very grateful...An aside: do others find it easier to come to terms with p**ping if they can get proof-in-writing that someone they fancy/someone they want to look like, does it? Well, I've fancied 2 of the Young Ones (Rik & Vyv), and they had bodily functions galore!

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