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Help please refusing pullUp at night

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Mummy2911 Mon 03-Nov-14 00:23:18

Hi my 3 year old refuses to
Wear pull up at night, she is very strong willed and has very bad tantrums I can't get one on her tried stickers and treats etc I can't slip one on her when sleeping as wakes up
Screaming then screams for about 20 mins, I cant lift her as wakes up screaming Ive tried telling her that I'll put her on potty (which I leave in her room) during night and give her cuddle but she still wakes up screaming and very angry at me disturbing her. Every night she wets bed her last drink is 2 hours before bedtime and she does a wee before bed. Is there anything else I can do? She really wAbted a game and I said stickers for dry night and get the game but this doesn't work, I can'tift her as I feel terrible for waking her then can't calm her down feel like Just letting her wet bed but I can't see a way round this please help sad

Vijac Mon 03-Nov-14 00:29:29

I can only suggest either let her wet the bed as you are doing and do not mention it at all for a while to take the pressure off and let her make her own decision about it. Or have you tried discussing it away from bedtime? eg. At lunch time/mid morning. Say: 'the rule is that you wear a nappy at night, then you get a sticker in the morning.' Then ask her to repeat to you at various points in the day what the new rule is so that she is prepared.

mipmop Mon 03-Nov-14 00:38:27

Restricting fluids won't help- children stop wetting overnight when their bodies begin to produce a hormone that slows urine production. So she will wee overnight until her body produces the hormone. The choice is where the wee goes- in a nappy , down the toilet or on the bed. Your best bet is probably to try and work out why she doesn't want to wear a nappy . Maybe someone's said something about big children not wearing nappies , or similar. In the meantime if you are lifting her to the toilet, you can check if she's currently in a deep sleep by lifting an arm and letting it drop. If she doesn't stir she may do a wee in the toilet without waking.

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