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Confused- persevere or give up?

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Cuppatea14 Sat 01-Nov-14 22:44:13

So we trained dd (2.5) back in august, and she took to it no problem the first week or so. Then I think when the hub-bub died down, she lost interest a bit and the accidents started. Since then, we've had good weeks and bad weeks, with the bad weeks gradually becoming more and more frequent. It's at the stage now where we have to cajol and bribe her to go to the toilet, left to her her devices she will just go in her pants. It's causing everyone stress and I think she's now at the stage of getting anxious about the whole business. I'm sure it's not helping matters that I'm 35 weeks pregnant, and even though outwardly she seems excited about it, maybe she's a bit anxious about that too.

So we're at the stage now of admitting defeat, I can't keep up with the laundry and the constant pestering to get her to go. Should we just go back to nappies and try again in a few months? Seems such a shame after so long and just a good start. Not sure how she will react to going back but can't carry on like this indefinitely!

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